FC Barcelona has decidedded to sign a partnership agreement with Betfair, which is one of the biggest online betting exchanges headquartered in Hammersmith, London, the United Kingdom. The next three years starting from July 1, 2016 Betfair will try to increase the attractiveness of the Barcelona brand.
The UK-based company provides bettors with the opportunity to wager on the outcome of key sporting events. FC Barcelona is one of the most reputable and popular teams of the Spanish football championship, also known as the Primera Division. This tournament is extremely popular among punters, since Spanish football clubs are constant favorites of the main annual European competition UEFA Champions League. The aim of cooperation between the Spanish football giant and British betting exchange is to promote FC Barcelona on the international market. From now on, Betfair can create new programs to advertise the team from Catalonia enjoying access to its players.
This agreement will help Betfair to increase its number of clients. Despite the fact that the London-based betting exchange has already gained a good reputation, the deal with the Catalonian football club will improve its position on the market. 
Betfair seems to be one of the top betting operators in the world. Moreover, the cooperation with football clubs is not supposed to be surprising, taking into account the fact that approximately 50% of Betfairís revenues were earned on football betting. To be sure, FC Barcelona will help Betfair to increase a share of income received from football. 
However, keep in mind that everything has been done for bettors who will surely benefit from this deal. Excellent betting opportunities are waiting for them. Of course, other betting operators have tried to cooperate with football teams, but none of them can boast such a profitable agreement as Betfair has signed.
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