The European online bookmaker regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority BetOlimp successfully released its in-play video service inspired by Twitch. It is designed for Euro 2016. This service was created in cooperation with the Independent Content Services Ltd (ICS). This company is headquartered in Leeds and specializes in developing gaming and betting products.
Both companies launched a truly unique video streaming service. It provides information for football bettors during all the matches of the 2016 UEFA European Championship. This service will offer opinions of specialists and statisticians to allow gamblers to place in-play bets.
The broadcast starts about five minutes before the beginning of each match. At the moment, there are two versions of this incredible video streaming service. They are available in English and German, respectively.
According to Mark McGuinness, Chief Marketing Officer of BetOlimp, the success of the live streaming video platform Twitch owned by Twitch Interactive cannot be unnoticed. In conjunction with the extreme popularity of video content, this fact contributed to a decision of the company to create its own in-play video service. 
This initiative of BetOlimp was fully supported by representatives of ICS. Its Director Ian Holding emphasized that his company primarily focused on content solutions for the global gambling industry. Experts of the Independent Content Services Ltd had developed an amazing video streaming service, which was highly appreciated by customers of BetOlimp. 
Ian Holding confessed that he was looking forward to seeing the final match with participation of Germany and England, since the service was available in both of these languages.
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