Gaming Standards Association, which is an international trade association representing suppliers and operators in the gaming industry, has recently offered several new mature standards. The list of them includes the following two standards: System-to-System (S2S) and Simple System Interface (SSI). Both of them are intended to improve the activity of manufacturers and operators.
S2S has been significantly upgraded. At the moment, it is devoid of useless features. Moreover, it has become more user-friendly and convenient. 
The Gaming Standards Association has done its best to facilitate the work of operators and developers. The released standards can be easily implemented and operated. The aim of the creation of new mature standards is to simplify the activity of operators and developers and add some creativity. As for SSI, it is intended to get access to simpler client-server mode of operation. 
Ethan Tower, a representative of the Gaming Standards Association, explained that SSI had been designed to provide G2S events to other servers. This system is used to test the extra functionality implemented in it. If it is successful, the company will provide other new systems with this feature. 
S2S is used by developers to manufacture an interface for communicating with gaming and non-gaming systems. Moreover, it is able to easily connect with partners via networks. It can also increase the efficiency of operations. S2S is used to send transactions of some systems to a central server in the common way.
The standards are provided for all customers of the Gaming Standards Association for free. 
The company offers identification, definition, development, promotion, and implementation of standards that are widely used all over the world.
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