The penultimate day of the PokerStars.es EPT Season 13 Barcelona €5,300 Main Event saw 24 hopefuls come back to the tables of the Casino Barcelona, all ensured at any rate €33,300 for their endeavors. Sebastian Malec held a sizable lead over his rivals and the PokerStars qualifier achieved the last table too, securing the greatest payday on his poker continue up to this point. 

Following six levels of a hour and a half every, Uri Reichenstein (11,330,000) defeated Thomas De Rooij (11,180,000) by short of what one major visually impaired. Blended diversion authority Adam "Adamyid" Owen follows in third place with 9,800,000 and the Brit set up the informal nine-gave last table with players from nine distinct nations by killing Morten Mortensen in tenth spot with ace-ten versus ace-ruler. 
They are joined by begin of-the-day pioneer Malec (7,330,000), Zorlu Er (7,090,000), Andreas Chalkiadakis (5,015,000) and Harcharan Dogra (1,700,000). Dogra is the last Spaniard in the field, planning to keep the title on home soil, however will come back with the most brief stack when play resumes in level 32 at blinds 100,000/200,000 and a running risk of 25,000. 
2016 November Niner Vojtech Ruzicka was among the greatest names left in dispute at the days begin. The Czech left in 24th spot after first losing a major pot to Andrea Cortellazzi. He then got his stack in with center pair and a straight attract just to see Dogra find him with the floundered straight. 
Other early losses included Day 2 chip pioneer Anthony Chimkovitch (twentieth, for €49,170) and Michael Addamo (eighteenth, for €49,170), while the last two tables were set with the disposal of Nuno Capucho in seventeenth spot. Mikahil Molchanov's keep running in the Main Event reached an end in fourteenth spot after a pitiless beat saw his pocket lords split by Pavel Plesuv's pocket nines, when the ruler high board gave the Moldovian a runner-runner four-card straight. Konstantin Puchkov, who holds the record for most EPT gets the money for with 82 scores, followed in thirteenth when his ruler neglected to enhance against the pro lord of De Rooij. 
Cortellazzi and Alexandru Baron fell in twelfth and eleventh place individually and Mortensen then missed the mark concerning the last table subsequent to getting busted by a ruthless three-external. Owen began the nine-gave last table with a solid lead and stayed in the top spot until the last few hands of the night. Stephen Malone chipped up immediately when the field was joined to the last table just to see his trusts getting pulverized when his pocket rulers were met by Er's ace-lord and an unfeeling ace on the waterway. 
Just two hands later, Plesuv fell in a three-manner pot with pocket jacks after his straight draw and overpair couldn't enhance against Reichenstein's slumped set of eights. No further players would join the rail until the end of the 6th level of Day 5 and the staying seven finalists have €230,950 bolted up. In any case, everyone's eyes are determined to the primary spot payout of €1,122,800, and a spot in the history books of poker by bringing down the record-breaking Main Event with great 1,785 sections.
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