Last time the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission came to town, it was a significant display. In April 2014, city pioneers asked several individuals to show up and welcome the commission in a show of group bolster for the Cedar Crossing Casino venture. Wear white shirts, they were told, as confirmation benefactors are the great folks. 

Furthermore, more than 1,000 individuals showed up. After a transport voyage through the proposed gambling club site and a heartbeat beating 3-D video of Cedar Crossing's characteristics, chiefs entered their booked meeting at the Convention Complex to cheers and serenades. At that point officials, who appeared somewhat shocked by the demigod welcome, settled in to hear over four hours of open declaration on the undertaking. Quite a bit of it originated from nearby gambling club supporters. In any case, a decent measure of that declaration originated from proprietors and representatives of existing gambling clubs who indicated showcase thinks about recommending Cedar Crossing would make a big deal about its income by snatching business far from adjacent offices. Riverside Casino and Golf Resort demonstrated a video highlighting representatives who portrayed feelings of dread of employment misfortunes and home dispossessions. 

After two weeks, with cheers, serenades and the thumpa-thumpa beat of that 3-D video as yet ringing in their ears, the bonus turned Cedar Crossing down level on a 4-1 vote. Every one of the four officials who saw that exhibition voted no. White shirts aside, the commission finished up Cedar Crossing would be awful news for existing individuals from the gambling club cartel. Similar chiefs are planned to profit to Cedar Rapids for Tuesday. Be that as it may, almost everything else will be extensively unique. 

Certainly, there will be transport visits. Be that as it may, this time chiefs will see three gambling club locales. They'll return to the proposed site of the $169 million Cedar Crossing Casino along the Cedar River. In any case, they'll likewise observe the site of the $106 million Cedar Crossing 2.0, a littler gaming setting that would be connected to the U.S. Cell Center and contiguous luxuries. At that point there's Wild Rose Cedar Rapids, a $42 million "boutique" gambling club that would be a piece of a multiuse improvement generally over the road from the U.S. Cell Center. 

Dissimilar to 2014, we don't have the decisive market ponders close by. We won't get them until the point when October, with the commission making its last bring in November. Magistrates will meet to hear open declaration Tuesday evening. Be that as it may, the possibility of cheers and serenades is, low. Doughnuts? Not a chance. What's more, this time, declaration guarantees to be significantly more convoluted than nearby supporters versus frightful pariahs. 

Cedar Crossing sponsor will no uncertainty contend their double recommendations, highlighting eating and amusement conveniences past betting, are quite recently the kind of undertakings 37,000 Linn County voters imagined when they cast yes votes for betting in 2013. They'll demand Wild Rose's downsized openings in-a-container boutique proposition is not what voters needed, at that point or now. That conflict is underscored by the reality Cedar Crossing's designs are sponsored by nearby chosen authorities, including the Cedar Rapids City Council and Linn County Board of Supervisors, and in addition various group associations.

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