It was reported that UnionPay, which is the only Chinese bank card organization, had been widely used in Macau to transfer money illegally. The number of illicit transactions carried out with the help of this card system is twice as many as it was observed in the first half of the year.
According to estimates of the police, the total amount of money transferred illegally using UnionPay is 262.5 million dollars. This index reached only 153 million dollars in 2015.
Police opened twelve occurrences concerning illicit transactions via UnionPay terminals. 
The investigating authorities announced that thirty-one individuals had been suspected of illegal transactions. It should be noted that twenty-two of them are residents of the mainland China. It was also reported that the police officers had been able to confiscate twenty-two UnionPay terminals. They were registered in mainland China, since commission fees in mainland China were significantly lower than in Macau.
The Chinese authorities have been combating illegal money transactions and money laundering via gambling houses of Macau over one year. The officials have monitored Chinese bank cards concerning money laundering. 
One of the possible schemes for money laundering in China that seems to be quite common is the purchase of expensive goods using UnionPay with the subsequent return of them. To be sure, the funds spent on the purchase are returned to clients. 
According to statistics, thirty cases of money laundering via UnionPay were registered in 2015. The total amount of transactions exceeded one billion Macanese patacas.
UnionPay has decided to take steps to avoid illegal activities. It forces its customers to prove their identity by providing scans of documents.
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