The Isle of Capri Bettendorf Casino is about to open its doors to the first customers. The official opening ceremony will take place on June 24. This casino, which is now located in the former court building, used to be a floating gambling house on Mississippi River.
As for the total area of the casino, it has not changed. However, there are many additional gambling-related opportunities. The gambling house offers over one thousand slots and dozen and a half table games. 
Nancy Ballenger, Vice president of the facility, informed fans of gambling that the casino was ready for its opening. 
The requirements and needs of customers have changed. This means that the gambling house should also change its range of services in order to keep afloat on the gaming market. 
The company invested over 60 million dollars in improvement of the casino. The new gambling facility will be able to please its clients with new high-quality eateries. To be sure, the casino will provide accommodation offers. For this purpose, two towers were constructed. Customers may book one of the 514 rooms located inside them.
The local government spent over 8 million dollars on renovating these towers. 
Taking into account the fact that the facility is located in the former courtyard, it is necessary to add some green trees on the territory of the complex. That is why the park is expected to be built near the complex.
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