The Italyís online gambling business showed an increase in revenues in May 2016. The income of this industry reached 30.3% and 34.7 million euros. Such positive results corresponded to a trend traditional for the first five months of 2106. The total revenue for this period of time was à175 million, which was 35.6% higher compared to the results of the 2015ís first five months.
Talking about the leading Italian operators, we can mention five of them. They generated over 40% of the total income. There is no doubt that the company called Lottomatica is the current leader. Its share is 12.2%. The company is followed by Sisal with 9.2%. As for the other three gaming operators, their shares are lower. William Hill is responsible for 6.9% of revenues. Eurobet brings 6.1%, and PokerStars generates 5.8% of income.
One of the fields of online gambling is online poker. It showed a 7.7% growth in May 2016. So, the total revenue from online poker reached à4.4 million. Talking about online poker, we cannot forget about PokerStars, since it is the leading poker room. Its revenues increased by 72.8% in May 2016. PokerStars offered new gambling games. This fact allowed the company to become the 5th largest Italyís online gaming operator.
It is important to note that the Italian online gambling market is closed. This means that other states cannot use customer bases of Italian websites. The same restrictions are observed in France and Spain. Due to such regulations of the Italian gambling market,
PokerStars has succeeded in achieving its high results.
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