It was reported that seventeen Koreans were arrested and suspected of providing illegal gambling services on the Internet. This was the first operation of the local police against the organizers of illegal gambling dens in the Philippines after the election of the current president. We are going to remind our readers that Rodrigo Duterte has been serving as the President of the country since July, 2016. 
The following persons were arrested: Lee Byungkon, Jang Hyoungjun, Lee Seungho, Jo Joongwon, Choi Myoungsoo, Kim Hansaem, Park Sungjun, Kim Minkook, Yu Doohee, Bae Mungwon, Hong Ukjin, Han Sang Seo, Park Yungjin, Kim Kyungjin, Lee Seungho, Lee Yungyu, and Kim Tawewon.
It should be noted that the Korean citizens were suspected of violating the gambling-related laws in their motherland. That is why they had decided to move to the Philippines. 
According to the preliminary data, the suspects were accused of providing gamblers with illicit services. It was reported that the Korean citizens had been engaged in operating an illegal website with available games of chance. 
The surveillance preceded the raid. Its aim was to monitor activities inside a building where the Koreans were located. It was necessary to confirm the fact that they were engaged in illegal activities in order to catch them red-handed. 
During the raid none of the suspects could show a valid identity document to the police officers, except for Bae Myungwon. Therefore, the Korean citizens were arrested for the absence of the required documents that allowed them to be present on the territory of the Philippines. To be sure, they were also accused of operating illegal gambling websites. The suspects were informed about their constitutional rights.
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