Bridle the intensity of the four oceans in Dragon Kings, the new, highlight pressed, video opening from Betsoft Gaming. A sharp remix of an antiquated legend, Dragon Kings breathes life into Chinese folklore thundering with a fresh, current tasteful, contemporary Asian-roused music, and a downpour of uncommon highlights. 

From layered, dynamic big stakes to free twists, the keys to Dragon Kings' remarkable highlights lie underneath the surface, in the hands of the mythical beasts. Legend has it that the waters encompassing old China – four seas toward the north, south, east and west – were controlled by mythical beast spirits, whose attitudes molded the oceans themselves. Voyagers would express gratefulness to these mythical serpents for a smooth intersection, or approach their forces when conditions turned slippery. In Dragon Kings, these layered spirits are rethought as champion images who involve a reel each, and whose forces can rapidly change the rhythmic movement of gameplay. 

Every one of the four winged serpents are wild – substituting for some other non-mythical beast image – and every ha its own particular extraordinary power.  Confined to reel 1, the Azure Dragon will secure every other monster when he shows up, and apportion players one free spin.  On reel 2, the White Dragon will clone itself once on the reel to one side or right, making a chain of wilds.  Appearing just on reel 4, the Red Dragon will in a split second honor an irregular prize from a broad pool, with the capability of up to 400X the player's line bet.  And on reel 5, the dark mythical beast will duplicate any triumphant line that incorporates him by 3X. 

Legend additionally recounts a fifth monster, whose power was potent to the point that he administered over even the defenders of the oceans. In-diversion, the Dragon King shows up in the entirety of his radiance: a brilliant, full-tallness vivified character who manages the middle reel, duplicates the payout from winning lines, and controls the player's way to Dragon Kings' layered big stakes. At the point when the King shows up nearby at least one different mythical beasts, their consolidated forces can increase the player's aggregate line wager by an amazing 2,000X, and will call the amusement's 6th reel into play – a solitary image reel that goes about as the resting place for the Dragon King's Magical Pearl. 

Delineated as a sparkling pearl grasped in the King's brilliant hook, the Magical Pearl is the last perplex piece expected to open the conduits to one of four dynamic big stakes: bronze, silver, gold, or jewel. The blend of a solitary winged serpent in addition to the King and the Pearl will trigger the bronze big stake, while each of the four mythical serpents in addition to the King and Pearl will introduce an ocean change and honor the upper-level precious stone bonanza. The Magical Pearl is additionally the way to taking advantage of profound stores of free twists, multiplying the allotment granted by the base diversion dissipate image for up to 50 turns. 

Betsoft's Head of Product Development clarified: 

Our objective with Dragon Kings was to breath life into an exemplary Chinese legend in a radical new manner: with forefront highlights, and a mix of work of art and music that interests to the tastes of the present Asian and universal markets. From the winged serpents themselves, who have solid visual characters and cool forces, to the innovative big stakes, we trust Dragon Kings contains the best of current space amusement outline: an extraordinary stylish, a solid storyline, varying media greatness, and a suite of highlights that are both profound and open. 

Created for cross-gadget similarity from the very beginning, Dragon Kings is based on the Betsoft SHIFT stage. Intended to lessen record sizes, speed stacking, and empower new gameplay and varying media encounters, SHIFT ensures that a similar incredible gameplay achieves players on whatever stage they choose. Dragon Kings is additionally one of the primary recreations to be worked around Betsoft's evenhanded bonanzas demonstrate, with bigger wagers presenting more prominent chances of winning.

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