The two-time New York Times Bestseller and columnist, Maria Konnikova, turns into the most recent PokerStars Ambassador, as her change from essayist to poker star keeps on picking up pace. Maria Konnikova joins PokerStars as an envoy One hopeless looking stripper is shrouded in lettuce and cucumber, the immediate consequence of a fizzled Kim Basinger cooler investigation, and the other is furiously angling herself out of the pool. As the combine stepped out of the entryway, a high foot sole area underneath each arm, the discussion swung to poker. 

One of the players stated: 

Allow me multi year, and I can transform anybody into an expert poker player. All things considered, they would should be astute, and the vast majority of all, persevering, however give me somebody with those two characteristics, and yes, I can transform them into an expert. 

In January 2017, writer and columnist, Maria Konnikova, started playing live poker competitions as research for her new book The Biggest Bluff. You don't turn into a two-time New York Times Bestseller without having the paperclips to get on the telephone and influence individuals who would prefer not to talk – to talk. Also, as it so happens, New York contains one of the best poker players ever, and he is a man who doesn't care to talk. Konnikova reached Erik Seidel, the match met for espresso and a dusty donut, Konnikova disclosed to Seidel her arrangement, and he consented to mentor her. At that point, Seidel acquainted her with the 34-year-old to Phil Galfond, and he chose to encourage her. None of the general population I was imparting my WSOP family to was of the kind of those to titans. 

In January 2018, Konnikova won a $1,650 purchase in No-Limit Hold'em National at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure for $84,600, in this way managing an account a $30,000 Platinum Pass for the $25,000 purchase in PokerStars Player's No-Limit Hold'em Championship. Sniffing a chance to push the brand into the standard, PokerStars snapped her up as an 'informal' represetative. Konnikova went ahead to complete 42nd in the PCA Main Event, and would likewise complete 2/152 in the HKD 20,000 purchase in No-Limit Hold'em occasion at the Asia Pacific Poker Tour in Macau for $57,519. PokerStars and Konnikova have taken their relationship to the following level. The word 'informal' has been supplanted by 'PokerStars Ambassador' – now doesn't that have a superior ring to it. 

Konnikova told PokerStars: 

Transient ascent from freshman to poker professional in 14-months. I like things that test me. I like a vital, scholarly and passionate test and poker provokes me in these ways. 

Konnikova has her feet immovably on the ground. It takes a wide range of abilities to have the capacity to compose two New York Times Bestsellers and to persuade Erik Seidel to mentor you. Be that as it may, she knows about the part that fortunes has additionally played en route. The way is yellow, and I trust when she achieves its finish, she gets the chance to meet the astute old wizard in what might be the ideal last part for her new book.

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