Alexandre Dreyfus and Mediarex Sports and Entertainment are going to change poker.
We are talking about fundamental changes that will affect both players and viewers. He wants to sportify poker. According to Dreyfus, this will be done to attract new customers to poker and to make this game much more popular. 
Alexandre Dreyfus moved his company from France to Las Vegas. Now the company is quite small. Its Head Office occupies only 4,000 square feet and its staff consists only of five employees. However, it is just the beginning of its history in the United States, so it will be expanded soon. CEO of the company decided to move due to the opportunity to enter the largest poker market in the world. Dreyfus reported that he preferred the U.S. poker model, since poker is a league gambling game in the United States. In Europe the situation is completely different. 
Alexandre Dreyfus has been involved in the gambling industry since 2002. However, at the moment, he is contemplating a decrease in popularity of poker. To increase the number of fans, it is necessary to assume urgent measures.
One of his new concepts that may attract more viewers to poker is to establish a new poker league. It will be called Global Poker League. This league will consist of 12 teams with 6 members in each of them. These teams will represent the United States, some European and Asian states, as well as Russia.
What are the differences of this league compared to other events? First of all, it provides a unique way of playing. Participants will stand up and use mobile devices to play. The matches will take place in the special cube of 400 square feet. The Cube is absolutely soundproof. So, players will not be able to communicate with those who are outside. However, it is possible to talk with each other using special microphones. 
It is interesting to note that viewers know cards of all poker players. To be sure, it is absolutely impossible to share this information with participants, since the Cube is completely soundproof, as mentioned above. 
So, the gameplay becomes much more exciting to fans of poker. 
As you can see, Alexandre Dreyfus has decided to develop poker and to start a revolution. 
He is going to attract investors who will support his brainchild financially. This will contribute to the popularity of the Global Poker League.
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