Mega Millions used to offer the biggest jackpots in the history of American lotteries. However, Powerball has succeeded in exceeding the jackpots provided by Mega Millions. This happened in January when one billion dollars was drawn. But Mega Millions does not give up and provides its customers with the opportunity to win 333 million dollars.
The minimum size of Mega Millions jackpots is fifteen million dollars. It is a progressive jackpot that increases after each unsuccessful draw. It has been known that high jackpots always attract numerous gamblers. So, Mega Millions has decided to expand its audience by offering huge sums. It is interesting to note that now lottery tickets can be bought outside the United States. This used to be prohibited.
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The jackpot has risen to such an immense amount due to the fact that it has not been won since March 2016. So, it has been able to reach 333 million dollars for three months. 
We guess that everyone who is interested in lotteries knows that the probability of predicting all numbers and hitting a jackpot is extremely low. 
As for the Mega Millions jackpot, the odds are 1:259,000,000. However, organizers of the lottery provide the opportunity to win smaller amounts, which are still fairly good. In addition to the jackpot, one out of each 15 participants will be able to enjoy smaller payouts.
The draw will take place on Thursday at 4 a.m. GMT.
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