Mybet, which is a gambling operator from Germany, is about to stop providing services of its poker room. The website should be closed on June 30. However, donít worry! Fans of poker will be able to play their favorite game on a new website.
The company has sent an e-mail message to its customers where the current situation is explained. The accounts of the closed site will be valid on the new platform with the same balances. 
Gamblers will be able to redeem their virtual credits for cash until July 15.
The cause of this shutdown is traditional. The website is unprofitable. Zeno Ossko, CEO of Mybet, reported that the site brought only one million euros. It is less than 2% of the annual revenue of the company. Owners of Mybet have counted on higher amounts.
Mybet is about to open a casino with the unique design and a betting site. Moreover, the platform has been recently opened. This happened after the Icelandís victory over England during Euro 2016. 
The income of the company in the first quarter of the year reached 14.9 million euros. It decreased by 11% compared to previous year. Poker and casinos allowed the company to obtain 4,300,000 euros. It is 20.9% higher than last year.
Horse betting brought à2.3 million. Two weeks ago the company announced its intention to sell its share of Pferdewetten.de for 9.9 million euros, since it was necessary to release cash for urgent needs of Mybet.
Mybet is headquartered in Kiel, Germany. It provides services for online and land-based facilities. The number of registered clients is 1,533,222 at the moment.
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