Not all officials of Israel support an initiative to open the first local land-based casinos. Binyamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the country, initiated the project for developing gambling opportunities in this Middle East state. According to this project, four gambling houses should be built in the countryís southernmost city and resort Eilat. Yariv Levin, the Minister of Tourism, who is responsible for this project, has organized a meeting with other authorities to develop regulations for local gambling activities, including restrictions for local residents.
However, Moshe Kahlon, the Minister of Finance, destroyed all of these plans. Kahlon was a member of the Netanyahuís political party, but he became one of the representatives of the Kulanu party.
The Minister of Finance believes that brick-and-mortar casinos have to be banned in Israel. According to him, the main aim of the government is to improve education and create new jobs. As for the gambling facilities, they are absolutely useless or even harmful.
Kahlon paid attention to the fact that he had initiated an active campaign against slot machines in the shops. Slots were found in over 150 shops. It is important to note that slots were mainly placed in very poor neighborhoods.
The slots used in the shops have specific rules for making payments. Customers should buy special cards. Their balance may reach 50 shekels (about $13).
However, the number of cards that can be acquired by fans of gambling is not limited. According to official reports, these slot machines are extremely profitable and generate approximately 9% of revenues earned by the company that produces them. It is called Mifal Hapayis and seems to be quite famous in Israel. 
Kahlon is very decisive in his desire to ban slots and horse racing due to their negative effects on some people. This problem has been discussed for years. However, nobody has done serious steps to prohibit such activities. 
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