A new streaming record was established by a Russian poker player SolidPenis while playing on the website PokerStars.fr, offering Spin & Go tournaments with different entry fees. They may vary between one euro and one hundred euros. The winners of the events may multiply their buy-in by up to 10,000. This poker portal is available for residents of all countries where gambling is not banned. 
A player from Russia who can boast a really interesting nickname SolidPenis succeeded in winning an incredible amount of 250,000 euros by winning the à25 Spin & Go Event. However, this victory was usual, since SolidPenis was streaming the gameplay on Twitch.
The winner received 250,000 euros, whereas 25,000 euros was provided for the runner up and for the third-place finisher.
It is worth mentioning that the winner reacted on his achievement very emotionally. Initially, he was really shocked. He could not believe in his success. 
SolidPenis used a quite uncommon tactics for the tournaments with small buy-ins. He folded a lot, even having a straight.
SolidPenis had an ace of spades and a deuce of hearts at the beginning of the final hand. He called. The flop brought a three of diamonds, a five of spades, and a king of clubs. So, SolidPenis required a four either on the river or on the turn to collect a straight. Fortunately, a four of spades was dealt on the turn. This card helped the Russian player to establish a new record. We are talking about the highest amount won while streaming poker tournaments on Twitch. Doug "WCG|Rider" Polk was the previous record-breaker. He won $162,952 while streaming.
Those who want to try to play poker at PokerStars France can take advantage of a promotion called Get Unlucky. It allows gamblers to win Spin & Go tickets.
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