On Thursday, the New York Senate Finance Committee approved a bill that can be treated as a new step to legalization of online gambling. John Bonacic offered this bill in May of 2015. However, the Finance Committee required almost one year in order to consider it. Fortunately, twenty members of the Committee approved this law. Only eight individuals did not support it. This means that the poker legalization bill will be considered by the Senate in the future. That is why it is too early to celebrate for fans of online gambling. They should wait until the Senate approves it. However, Gary Pretlow, one of the initiators of this law, does not seem to be optimistic concerning the decision of the Senate. The absence of public discussions indicates the fact that this law does not look like the most important to the population.
The poker bill was discussed by the New York Senate Finance Committee together with another law designed to control the stateís Daily Fantasy Sports activities. This kind of gambling was banned last year. 
Some experts believe that the Senate will not support the online gambling law until its members solve the problem of Daily Fantasy Sports. However, taking account the fact that the deadline for legalization of online poker is June 16, we think that the Senate will prefer considering this law. So, the consideration of the Daily Fantasy Sports bill will be delayed. Other specialists in the field of gambling believe that both bills can be discussed simultaneously while they are tightly related to each other. It is difficult to say who is right. Letís wait for the final decision of the Senate. 
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