French online games wagering administrators took in more than seventy five percent more bets on the Rio 2016 Olympic Games than the London 2012 occasion. Figures discharged by gaming controller ARJEL show absolute Olympic bets at the 12 French-authorized administrators topping €33.9m amid the Rio diversions, up from €19.2m four years prior. Online Olympic income dramatically increased from €3.3m to €6.8m. 

Strikingly, the offer of in-play bets was lower than in 2012, tumbling from 57% in London to half in Rio. ARJEL faulted the decrease for the time distinction, as most French bettors were securely tucked in bed while a large portion of the Rio occasions were occurring. As far as pulling in the most bets, the top Olympic game was tennis, on which French punters bet €8.5m, trailed by ball (€6m), football (€5.8m), handball (€5.4m) and volleyball (€2.1m). 
In the interim, the Euro 2016 football competition pushed French-authorized games wagering turnover and income to their most noteworthy ever adds up to since the directed business sector propelled in 2010. French administrators took in €585m worth of games bets in the three months finishing June 30, 73% higher than in Q2 2015. Of this aggregate, €102m (17%) was spent on the initial segment of the Euro 2016 rivalry, with the full competition creating bets of €141m. 
All out games wagering income in Q2 was up 45% to a record €91m. The figures would have been considerably higher however for punter-accommodating results, which supported player return by 2.9 focuses (84.4%, barring rewards). Football, tennis and ball represented a consolidated 91% of Q2 games turnover. Football's offer of the Q2 pie was 57%, which was lower than the 63% recorded in Q2 2014 amid the FIFA World Cup. 
In Q1 2016, online poker figured out how to post its first year-on-year income pick up in five years yet that solitary quarter streak was softened up Q2, as poker income slipped 2% to €53m. With regards to winning examples, competition purchase ins were up 7% to €450m while money diversion stakes fell 9% to €853m. Dynamic week after week accounts enhanced 3% to 232k. Horserace wagering proceeded with its decay, with turnover falling 12% year-on-year to €218m and income down 10% to €55m. The quantity of week by week normal player dynamic records was down 6%.
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