An ethnic Ta'ang legal counselor has been kept by police in Muse Township in northern Shan State regarding a shooting in Lashio in Kaung Mu Tong quarter on Dec. 22, Ta'ang Legal Aid announced yesterday. Police blamed Mai Myo Aung for inclusion in a Dec. 22 encounter in a betting cave that heightened and left one individual shot dead and another harmed. He is being held at a police headquarters in Muse's Kaung Mu Tong quarter, the TLA said. The guide gathering and the man's significant other affirm that the police have physically mishandled the legal advisor and declined to discharge claimed video film involving him. 

Mai Shein Htun stated: 

He was not at the area of the shooting. He was not in any case mindful there had been a shooting. He was at another area on private issue, yet the police have blamed him for inclusion. 

In an announcement, the TLA said Mai Myo Aung had been beaten while in guardianship. His exclusive contact with the outside world was through visits by his significant other, it said. 

Mai Shein Htun stated: 

He revealed to us that wearing boots had kicked him and hit him with their weapons while cross examining him. 

TLA affirmed that police struck Mai Myo Aung while requesting he give data about a gathering of furnished men who assaulted the betting nook in the 105 Economic Zone in Muse Township. Mai Shein Htun said this was not the first run through the man had endured on account of police. 

The TLA official stated: 

At whatever point there is battling close Muse, the police beat him. 

TLA delegates were permitted a short gathering with Mai Myo Aung on Dec. 26 at the police headquarters. Mai Shein Htun said the man hinted at having been beaten, including wounds all over. As per police, on Dec. 22 three individuals touched base at the betting nook and got into a question with security protects. The three individuals in the auto headed out, yet returned later on motorbikes and shot the security watches, the police said. Police claim that Mai Myo Aung was among the three, and that the other two suspects got away. Police Captain Aye Myint disclosed to The Irrawaddy on Thursday that Muse police have CCTV camera film demonstrating Mai Myo Aung and the other two suspects, Mai Kyaw Hein and Mai Aie Ohn, in an auto. 

Affirmative Myint stated: 

Right off the bat, these three got into a fight with security monitors close to the scene. The three suspects were angry with the gatekeepers, and went home. They came back to the betting cave on motorbikes and shot the casualties. 

Police have not given any confirmation to Mai Myo Aung's family or his legal advisor from TLA, notwithstanding having kept him in light of the asserted CCTV film. He was captured at 12:30 p.m. on Dec. 22 in the wake of being ceased while heading to another town on private concern. The shooting occurrence happened at 11 a.m. that day, police said. Police have not formally charged the attorney, but rather said he would be arraigned under Penal Code segments 302 and 307. The TLA said the police were regarding the suspect as though he had just been indicted, notwithstanding falling back on physical mishandle with an end goal to compel him to concede contribution in the wrongdoing. 

Mai Myo Aung is an attorney who enables TLA to give lawful help to ethnic minority individuals who can't manage the cost of their own. Ei Awa, Mai Myo Aung's better half, disclosed to The Irrawaddy that the police needed confirmation to move down the allegation, including that he had been captured some separation from the scene of the shooting. Besides, the police at first said the shooting had happened at a second hand store, as opposed to a betting lair, she said. 

Ei Awa included that the police demanded she speak with them in Burmese, instead of in her own Palaung dialect. She was not permitted to approach her significant other for any insights about what had happened, or how he had got to the betting station. 

She stated: 

I was just permitted to get some information about what he needed to eat. I was not ready to get some information about different issues.

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