Pennsylvanian authorities have recently voted for a law that legalizes online gambling and daily fantasy sports. The next step should be done by the Senate.

Pennsylvaniaís House approved the law that had not been supported previous week. The lawmakers did not agree to vote for legislation of video gaming terminals (VGT). After removal of video gaming terminals from the document, it was readily approved.
Now the local licensed operators will be allowed to provide their services in the field of poker and online casino games. 
Those gambling houses that want to provide services on the Internet should pay 8 million dollars for a license that is valid during five years. To renew it, it is necessary to pay 250,000 dollars. 
The legislation also regulates casinos’ tax policy. Owners of gambling establishments should pay 16% of revenues as taxes. It should be noted that the bulk of this amount goes to the stateís treasury, and 2% out of 16% is invested in prospective projects.
According to the law, gamblers may play slot machines at six airports. And gambling operators should pay one million dollars for a license. 
As for mobile gambling offers, users may enjoy them only at the airports. They are provided in addition to slots. 
After approval of this bill Pennsylvania joined Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware, whose officials had already voted for legalization of gambling activities. So, these states also approved gambling-related laws. 
According to the legislation, providers of daily fantasy sports have to pay 5% of revenue as taxes. Licenses will be valid during 5 years. Note that their price reaches $50,000.
All fans of gambling are looking forward to knowing the decision of the Senate. If the law is approved by the Senate, it will be necessary to get a Tom Wolfís signature. Only the governor can make daily fantasy sports legal in Pennsylvania.
The current governor does not belong to gamblers. However, he is willing to sign any bill that may help improve the situation with the state’s budget. 
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