Greek club authorities voiced concerns not long ago that the arranged upgrade of the nation's betting industry supports new clubhouse over existing ones. A draft charge that calls for noteworthy changes inside the country's betting part is right now under thought by the Greek government. In addition to other things, the bit of enactment proposes another authorizing structure for the nation's gambling clubs. As per authorities at operational clubhouse the new administrative administration makes better conditions for new industry partners. Betting administrators additionally contradict the execution of various corporate duties for administrators of existing scenes and for newcomers. 

The proposed rejecting of a section expense for supporters is yet another arrangement that current gambling clubs have gotten with discontent. Under the draft charge, effectively operational gaming scenes will initially must be given the gesture from the Hellenic Gaming Commission keeping in mind the end goal to evacuate the section expense. In addition, they should pay a pay charge, which gambling club authorities consider too high. 

The broad betting change at present under thought by administrators considers the migration of six existing club and the development of three new gambling clubs on the Greek islands of Mykonos, Crete, and Santorini. Each of the three are prevalent vacationer goals and the opening of betting settings is planned to draw in even a more noteworthy number of global explorers and lift Greece's tourism industry and economy when the nation frantically needs extra income sources. News have risen up out of Greece that authorities from each of the three islands have restricted the proposition for the development of betting scenes on their domains. In any case, one might say that Mykonos authorities have been most vocal in their discontent with the proposed betting development. 

Nearby media announced as of late that Mykonos' leader, Konstantinos Koukas, has sent a letter to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras communicating the island's restriction to the clubhouse design. In his letter, Mr. Koukas has said that the island has considerably more problems that are begging to be addressed to address, including the expansion of more schools, doctor's facilities, and foundation. The letter additionally read that simply after these issues are illuminated, they could consider building a clubhouse. Island authorities have likewise worried on the way that while the Greek government had directed open counsel on the proposed gambling club development and the Mykonos district had partaken in it, its position on the issue had plainly not been mulled over. 

A month ago, the Mykonos City Council endorsed a proposition for a submission at which islanders would have the capacity to voice their feeling on the issue. Councilors likewise chose to dispatch an appeal to against the club proposition and to approve Mayor Koukas to make lawful move in connection to the administration's choice to conceivably approve the development of a clubhouse on the island, notwithstanding the developing resistance to the move.

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