Caesars Entertainment Corporation will cooperate with the American Gaming Association during the Responsible Gaming Education Week. This five-day event will start on August 1.
The aim of Caesars Entertainment is to train its staff. The employees of the company have to master the current approaches in the field of responsible gambling services. 
The staff of the company includes approximately 800 employees in different subsidiary enterprises all over the world who are responsible for talking with clients who believe that they or their spouses or boyfriends/girlfriends have problems with gambling. Over 45,000 employees were trained in 2015 concerning responsible gambling.
Caesars Entertainment was one of the pioneers of responsible gambling. The company continues to focus on preventing the development of gambling addiction. The attitude of the companyís administration to the Responsible Gaming Education Week is really serious. 
Apart from training the staff, Caesars Entertainment offers its customers a free hotline number to get assistance while combating problem gambling, special brochures with the materials that may help to prevent gambling addiction, educational materials whose aim is to teach customers to regulate their funds and avoid spending huge amounts. 
The Responsible Gaming Education Week will help Caesars Entertainment to train its employees in order to explain them the current policy of the company concerning its constant campaign against gambling addiction. As a result, they will be able to help customers to avoid tragedies with lost fortunes and ruined marriages of addicted gamblers. 
However, it is important to keep in mind that the fight against problem gambling should be a primary task of casinos not only during the Responsible Gaming Education Week but permanently. 
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