Rodoslav Skubnik tried to cheat at Resorts World Sentosa Casino and Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore. However, he was caught red-handed and arrested. Later he was sentenced to 22 months in jail.
The police of Singapore reported that mobile devices had been used by a gang composed of three males and three females to illegally obtain huge amounts of money from slots.
Rodoslav Skubnik from the Czech Republic and two other members of the gang from Russia used their smartphones to keep an eye on the gameplay of certain slot machines. 
Then a special application analyzed the obtained data in order to generate information and to predict the possible outcomes of spins. 
The gang included those who were involved in registering information and those who gambled at casinos. 
This organized crime group used the same method of fraud at casinos of Macau, some European countries, and the United States. Rodoslav Skubnik managed to get over 20,000 dollars at casinos of Singapore. 
The Czech fraudster cooperated with two Russian criminals Vladislav Logachev and Andrei Egorov. They are currently on remand. Both Russian cheaters may receive seven years in prison if the court will find them guilty. In addition, they will have to pay approximately $110,000 as fines.
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