Imperial Pacific International Holdings Limited, which is a Hong Kong-based company specializing in development of integrated resorts on Saipan, has decided to order out its foreign employees.
Edward Deleon Guerrero, CEO of the Commonwealth Casino Commission, announced that the operator had dismissed over 130 foreign workers this fiscal year.
Best Sunshine International, whish is a subsidiary enterprise of Imperial Pacific International Holdings Limited, followed its example and kicked out roughly ninety casino workers.
According to Mr. Deleon Guerrero, this is probably not the final number of dismissed foreigners. It is possible that their number will increase soon, since it is still necessary to verify the figures. 
The commission did not license all employees. However, the main aim of the Commonwealth Casino Commission is to provide the appropriate number of both gambling and non-gambling offers. 
Best Sunshine International owns a single gambling house on Saipan of the Northern Mariana Islands. It contains fifty gaming tables. However, the company is going to open a new gambling establishment in 2017. It will be called Grand Mariana. It is supposed to have over 250 gaming tables, as well as 400 slots. Visitors of the casino will also be able to spend a free time taking a meal or a couple of cocktails at its restaurants and bars.
The casino will try to choose local residents and individuals from the United States in order to hire them as the staff.
As for the structure of the future revenues, the gambling facility will probably focus on VIP customers. 
The gambling operators have recently faced an initiative of one of the local legislators. It was offered to establish a new 10% tax on revenues of gambling houses. This seems to be excessive, since Best Sunshine International is already paying license fees, tax on gambling, and other taxes.
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