It was reported that the law enforcement had coped with an illicit gambling gang. This illegal organization primarily focused on the Asian emigrants. The gang was operated in five gambling facilities of Athens and its suburbs.
The raids of police allowed arresting three local residents and 125 foreigners. The foreign suspects were mainly of Taiwanese origin. The six-week investigation preceded the operation. 
According to the police report, the illegal gambling ring consisted of eighteen persons. It mainly included people of Taiwanese origin. However, a Greek real estate agent was one of the gang members.
From the technical point of view, the police operation was flawless. It was decided to use closed circuit television systems to view everything that might happen inside and outside the facility.
The law enforcement officers also confiscated approximately 150 thousand euros and some equipment, including computers. Now it is clear that the illegal gambling ring focused on providing illicit online wagering activities. 
It should be noted that the regulated offline gambling market in Greece (lotteries, casinos, wagering) generates roughly 1.5 billion euros per year. The local residents prefer land-based casinos to online gambling activities. The online gambling revenue reaches only 210-250 million euros per year. However, Greece is trying to improve the situation on its online gambling market. In 2011, 24 temporary licenses were provided for the local gambling operators. The country does not want to replace them by permanent permits. 
The local residents are known to avoid paying taxes when this is possible. Therefore, the authorities can hardly believe that a 35% tax on gambling revenues will help them to prevent illegal gambling. To be sure, high taxes will lead to appearance of new illegal gambling gangs.
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