On the social networking websites fans of gambling from the United Kingdom are complaining of an increase in price for tickets of the EuroMillions lottery. Their price will become higher by 25%. It was announced that lottery players would have to pay 2.50 pounds instead of 2.00 pounds in order to participate in draws of the famous international lottery that has been available for lottery enthusiasts since February 7, 2004. The new financial policy will be valid from September 24.
Players accused Camelot Group, which is the UK National Lottery operator, of greed. In addition, fans of betting and gambling donít support the fact that Camelot Group has changed the rules for the lottery. Now any player should select two lucky star numbers from a pool of twelve numbers. According to the previously valid regulations, there were eleven such numbers. The replacement of eleven lucky star numbers by twelve of them increases the probability of hitting the jackpot from 1:117,000,000 to 1:140,000,000.
Camelot Group does not agree with the opinions of gamblers. The operator believes that it has done everything to achieve a new level of services. According to Camelot Group, such changes will increase the number of jackpots. Therefore, a higher number of British lottery players will be able to become millionaires. Camelot Group announced that the changes in the rules would allow the operator of the international EuroMillions lottery to provide 109,430,000 pounds for jackpots. In general, the total number of jackpots will get doubled.
The EuroMillions lottery, whose draws take place at 8:45 p.m. on Tuesday and Friday in Paris, has been always willing to offers its customers not only from the United Kingdom but also from other countries to enjoy excellent payouts and the opportunity to hit life-changing jackpots.
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