The Government of Poland has decided to create a monopoly on the local gambling market. It was reported that the authorities had prohibited all gambling operators, except for Totalizator Sportowy.
The Polish Gambling Act has been recently amended. In addition to allowed online wagering, Poland has decided to permit online casinos and poker rooms. However, all gambling and betting portals have to be operated by Totalizator Sportowy.
Therefore, Totalizator Sportowy is able to regulate the entire range of gambling games available on the Internet. The Polish authorities explain their decision by the fact that games of chance, especially slots, can be extremely harmful and addictive. They may result in serious disorders, including problem gambling.
As for the foreign gambling and betting operators, they will probably receive licenses for providing their activities. In addition, it will be possible to hold poker competitions at brick and mortar casinos.
The government is going to block illegal gambling portals and prevent illicit money transfers.
According to estimates, such amendments to the Polish Gambling Act will allow earning extra 160 million dollars in the first year. 
It is supposed that unregulated operators are responsible for 90% of services provided on the local gambling market. The government believes that the current legislation will allow taking control over 40% of the market. Then this figure should increase to 60% or even 80%.
However, the upgraded Polish Gambling Act has to be approved by the European Commission. Then it will be returned to the local parliament for voting. Therefore, it will start being valid not earlier than on January 1, 2017.
Apart from the decision of the Polish authorities, Totalizator Sportowy will benefit from the cooperation with the Polish footballís premier league Ekstraklasa. It will be renamed to Lotto Ekstraklasa. Therefore, all viewers will be able to notice the corresponding logos on shirts of football players. The agreement is supposed to cost approximately $2.5 million.
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