Twitch has decided to prohibit streaming eSports events. This happened on Wednesday when Valve Corporation, which is a video game manufacturer and digital distribution company whose Head Office is located in Washington, the United States, announced that it had prohibited to share its Steam marketplace on gambling portals. Twitch warned its customers that the video platform and community for gamers would delete the content which breaks the regulations of Valve Corporation.
Twitch focuses on broadcasting eSports events. According to estimates, such kind of entertainment is responsible for 20% of the content available on Twitch. It is interesting to note that the most popular games are Counter-Strike:Global Offensive and Dota 2.
The causes of such restrictions created by Valve Corporation are several lawsuits for facilitating skin betting to gamers who are less than 13 years old. 
Mohammad ëm0Eí Assad, who is a celebrity in the world of gaming and a well-known streamer, told about his cooperation with the skin betting site called CS:GO Diamonds. The portal gives the opportunity to bet weapon skins in order to replace them by the better ones with the help of dice.
Mohammad Assad was a partner of CS:GO Diamonds. He announced that the website had warned him about the outcome of his rolls in order to provide him with the opportunity to broadcast his successful rolls on Twitch. CS:GO Diamonds did not deny its participation in the scam. However, representatives of the portal admitted that both parties were guilty.
This is not the first scandal related to eSports. In 2015, it was reported that some gamers had lost their matches in order to earn by wagering on their opponents. 
According to the media, the future of the eSports skin betting industry is quite controversial. It will significantly depend on the resolute desire of Valve Corporation to maintain its restrictions. Nevertheless, we can hardly observe the dramatic ascending trend on the skin betting market in the near future.
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