To be sure, the gambling market of the United Kingdom seems to be one of the fast-growing and most prospective in the world. Local residents have spent a lot of time on gambling bringing huge profits to the British gambling operators. In addition, they have been always happy to meet novelties, innovative technologies, and advanced solutions. As for the most recent innovations of the gambling industry, eSports and digital currencies (for example, bitcoins) have entered the British market. These technologies have become extremely popular among British gamblers. Therefore, the UK Gambling Commission has decided to monitor such activities and evaluate their impact on the local market.
According to the annual report of the UK Gambling Commission, the issue of eSports is indeed relevant. It is especially important to pay attention to protection of players and regulation. Taking into account the recent scandals with Counter Strike skin betting, the regulator should prevent children and adults from eGaming skin betting. CounterStrike:Global Offensive players demonstrated videos on YouTube where skin betting websites were being promoted. It is interesting to note that those who created the videos were owners of the sites. Valve Corporation, which is a developer of CounterStrike:Global Offensive, has warned the third-party portals about the prohibition to provide links to skin betting sites. 
Residents of the United Kingdom are able to place bets on the outcome of eSports events legally. However, the aim of the UK Gambling Commission is to prevent the exchange of digital items between players. 
It was reported that there were many gambling portals where customers can purchase lottery tickets for such items received while playing eSports. In addition, the British gambling regulator has not yet acquired knowledge and experience in evaluating such activities on the market. It is necessary to study all nuances of eSports lotteries and skin betting.
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