The last day of the Unibet Open Copenhagen Main Event began at twelve with still 16 players in dispute. It didn't bring long to widdle that down to a last table of nine as even before the clock struck 4 it was down to only nine players. After a long last table, Joni Liimatta from Finland from left a victor, running home with €70,514 and the Unibet Open trophy. 

 The last day took an aggregate of 10 and a half hours to finish. Prior to a few players had even sat down at twelve, Tutku Halim Kara had as of now been wiped out. He was soon joined on the rail by Johan Goslings. The Dutchman, who gurgled the last occasion in Malta, ran sevens into nines and couldn't dig out from a deficit. After somewhat more than a half hour just 11 players remained. From that point on out, however, things didn't go as quick. From 11 to the last table of nine took a few levels, with players selecting to crease enormous hands, keeping pots little as opposed to applying weight searching for encounters. 
Unibet Open consistent Soren Blanner turned into the player to bubble the last table. He got it in with experts against sevens and saw a seven hit the turn. "Nein! Nein! Nein!" he yelled without any result as the stream was a block. He given way and sat holding tight his seat for a decent moment before he advanced toward the payout work area to gather his check worth €6,259. 
With nine players remaining, a solitary table was framed and the official last table photograph was taken. Before long, the initial two players busted amid the same hand. Rune Thomsen, indeed, the most vivified player at the table, got it in with rulers and got called by Robin Sevastik before Alexandru Dan Nistor pushed over the top for somewhat more with ace-ruler. Sevastik got and thumped them both out when he made a flush on the turn. 
It required some investment before the table got slimmer once more. Again it would be two players busting, this time in consecutive hands. Patrick Coughlin, the sole American, lost a coin flip with ruler against tens and Srdan Andric took after very little later when he didn't discover any assistance with his combo draw against the arrangement of Daniel Wittikko. 
Wittikko, who had been somewhat tight, notwithstanding collapsing expert ruler pre-failure to a solitary raise at a certain point, felt more calm in the part of chip pioneer and it appeared. With half of the last table comprising of online qualifiers and no less than one of them playing his first historically speaking live occasion, play was in some cases tight in spots where one won't not expect it. Expert lord vanished in the garbage three times before the failure, a limp-collapsed pro ruler suited 4-gave was appeared and a few pots that could undoubtedly have wound up in gigantic all ins completed in little pots. 
It required some investment for the following player to make his flight. Lasse Haagensen would be the unfortunate one making his way out in fourth place in the wake of losing expert ten to ruler. Robin Sevastik tailed him out the entryway. Where different players played conservatively, he had no issue calling all in with lord three against an exceptionally forceful Joni Liimatta who was attempting to manhandle the tight play. Sevastik was ahead against the jack-ten of Liimatta yet the jack on the turn spelled fate for him. 
Evgueny Ievkov, an online qualifier and chip pioneer toward the start of the day, finished his first since forever live occasion in third place. He lost with pro jack to sevens and gathered an incredible €31,129. The heads-up match between the extremely forceful Joni Liimatta and Daniel Wittikko didn't keep going long. After some pushing without calls, it was inevitably Wittikko getting it in great with pro nine against the ruler nine of Liimatta. A lord on the lemon and stream was sufficient to hand every one of the chips to Joni Liimatta and Wittikko needed to settle for second. 
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