It is impossible to imagine the work of the casino without a dealer at the roulette wheel, who with a pleasant voice announces the closure of bets, and effectively throws a ball on the wheel. And what is the fascinating process of shuffling the card deck with croupier's dexterous hands! Always verified and clear actions of the employees of gambling establishments are able to bewitch gamblers. Dealer - it is a rare profession that requires a person to have a large set of skills and abilities. In this article we will consider what is a dealer profession, and also learn how much do casino dealers make. You can't learn it at the university, but the special atmosphere at the workplace and a decent salary are worth taking a closer look at the work.

How much do casino dealers make: history of the profession

When at the end of the XVIII century Pascal invented roulette, and Cardinal Mazarini actively promoted it in the masses, the dealers, as we used to see them, did not exist yet. Later in Britain, that was the name given to the people behind the back of the novice player, who helped him to understand the rules.

In the twentieth century, the global entertainment industry was booming, with a growing number of establishments in Europe and the United States. This led to the need for qualified staff, who could serve players at the highest level. It was the Americans who created a special culture of gambling entertainment and gold standards of the profession of gaming dealer. At that time, began to appear the first questions about how much money do casino dealers make.

Who and where teaches the profession of croupier

Modern casinos have sufficient resources to train their own staff. You should start your casino career by looking for croupier advertisements. Since they are suitable for the employers themselves, you can count on subsequent employment under the contract, which is usually concluded for a year and then can be extended.

The undoubted qualities of a future casino employee should be:

  • punctuality;
  • attention;
  • stress tolerance;
  • the ability to easily contact people.

After a successful interview, the applicant will be offered to join the training group. In different institutions it takes from 1 to 3 months, and the daily workload can take from 2 to 8 hours. At the end of the course there is an exam. Some casinos practice daily mini-testing to track progress in knowledge. If you want to know how much do Maryland casino dealers make, keep reading the article.

Basic requirements for dealers

After completion of professional training, a person usually receives a job offer. At first, the croupier has to watch the process more closely and get used to the atmosphere, style and pace of the place. Most newcomers are placed on morning shifts or days with few visitors. Without experience it is difficult to stand for a long time at the table, to keep calm and not to make mistakes. At this stage, the dealer acquires all the necessary practical skills under the supervision of an experienced colleague, and after another check becomes a full-fledged representative of the profession.

How a dealer works

A casino employee can perform several functions, the simplest of which is to collect chips in stacks of 20 and help the dealer on the roulette. Wider range of tasks for the dealer:
  • arranges the chips in different ways;
  • launches the roulette wheel and the ball;
  • announces the winning numbers;
  • accepts bets;
  • shuffles and distributes cards;
  • explains the rules of the game;
  • gives out the winnings;
  • adheres to the rules of the game club.

For shuffling cards in modern institutions there are special employees - shufflers. However the dealer must also be able to properly interfere with the cards.

With a large number of clients, besides the dealer at the table can stand and inspector, or chef. He makes sure that players do not change their poker cards or throw chips on the roulette table after announcing the end of the bets. If the dealer is distracted and there is some confusion, the security can always raise the security footage.

How much do live casino dealers make

The prospect of promotion on a career ladder for the dealer - a post of the manager of institution. This place will not be occupied by people from outside, but rather by a candidate from the team. Up to this position grow those dealers who have devoted many years to the casino, knows all the subtleties, rules and laws of the gambling process and the gambling business as a whole.

The work of a croupier draws in imagination a romantic image of a hero who gets incredible earnings. How much do casino dealers make in Vegas? In the U.S. casino make an hourly payment - the rate depends on the level of the institution and is 5-11 dollars, that is, up to 130 dollars per shift or about 2000 dollars per month. Tips can be more interesting. Although they are usually divided into the entire change of dealers, one person still comes out from 10 dollars per hour. So this is the answer to the question: how much do casino dealers make in tips. For a standard working month in the U.S. gaming halls dealer can get 2.5-3 thousand dollars. The exact answer to the question how much do dealers make at Downtown Grand Casino we can not get, but the approximate figures are still there.

In addition, serious institutions are developing a bonus system. Employees are evaluated by a number of indicators, including, for example, the appearance, the number of played sessions, the presence of mistakes. Following the results of a month it is possible to increase the income on 25-50 %. So it is important to consider this if you want to know how much do casino dealers in Ohio make. There is also a system of penalties to keep dealers in tune. The minimum penalty will be for those who are late for work or have made a minor mistake in the game. The situation is much more serious with a serious mistake, which the employee has hidden.

We hope that you have found the answer to the question how much do Las Vegas casino dealers make. The dealer is an interesting job with a decent salary. Anyone can learn this profession, with some knowledge of mathematics, good memory and a desire to communicate with people. Before you step on the threshold of the casino, think about whether you will be able to smile every day to visitors, despite personal problems, and whether the flow of threats from losers in the down and ashes of players can withstand. On the other hand, a good tip from satisfied customers, too, will not make you to wait.

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