If a player decides to find out how to play craps at casino, he should know the rules of this game, without it there is no chance to succeed. Usually in this game there are two cubes, they are also called - dice, table with special marks and sides. This game can be played by several players who take turns betting on the outcome of the event. The largest number of participants can reach 20 people. As a rule, one shooter rolls dice, and the other participants place bets on different combinations.

How to play craps at casino: history

The craps game dates back to the Roman Empire. Even then, players knew how to cheat and make money on it. Around the same time, the game in dice appeared in Asia. For example, in India, there were such games and players were able to win a lot of money. Previously, the dice were made from ordinary wood, animal bones, even horns. But most of all the dice were valued when made of ivory. Modern man, relying on high technology, managed to make dice from cellulose.

Over time, the game of dice get its new name - craps. This word appeared in France, when the game had many rules and differences. Then bets could be made only against the gambling house. Over time, the rules have changed, tables began to be made with special markings.

Craps game was very popular with soldiers involved in the Second World War. But the table for this game was very difficult to get, so the Army team came up with a way to play without it. They made a simple blanket or just played on the asphalt. Later, this version of the game began to be called - street craps.

How to play craps at the casino

The administration of the gambling house constantly monitors the condition of the dice and after each round conducts a special check. Dice are made of cellulose and have their own technological features. If they were in the game for more than eight hours, they are replaced by new cubes. Shooter must know the technique of throwing, as well as certain rules. If a player does not follow these rules, he or she may not be able to shoot. Only one hand should be used when throwing cubes. And the dice themselves should hit the edges of the table. But it also happens that the dice leave the table, in which case the staff should check how they fell, in what order. Usually in this case the staff of the casino should replace the set of dice with new cubes. The player can always make his choice, whether he will be a shooter or just make bets. You don't have to be a shooter.

The game of one player continues until he completely loses. When this happens, the players change and the dice are thrown by another player.

Craps rounds

Craps is completely divided into two rounds. The first round is to determine the number at the first throw of the player's cubes. If the shooter has 4 to 10 numbers other than 7, the game moves to the second round. But if a player gets 2, 3, 12, then the player automatically loses and gives the dice to the next player. For example, numbers 7 and 11 appear on the dice, in which case the game continues, and the player wins the round.

How to play craps at the casino and win: all about betting

To learn the rules of craps, you have to be good at bets. There are lot of them, let's consider a the most popular:

  1. The first bet is called Pass Line. It is done at the first stage of the game and there is a success when you get 7 and 11. If the number 12, 2, 3, the player can continue to throw dice. There must be a Point.
  2. The second bet is usually placed on the fact that the player loses. If the shooter has 2, 3, then the bet has worked. If the number is 12 it is a draw. But this bet is not very popular, as players treat it very negatively. This bet is also called Don't Pass Line.
  3. The third Come bet is very similar to the first bet, as it is usually placed on the first Point. The bet will be won if the bet is 7, 11. The reverse result will be in case of 2, 3. 12 means a draw. This bet is also called an exit.

The fourth bet is called Do not Come. Winning will be only if you will get 7, 11. If the number 12 appears suddenly, it means a draw.

There are bets in the craps game, which are placed on just one throw. For these bets double tables are used, which have their own specific marks. For example, there are pictures of dice that should fall out at the player. In this case, throws not the shooter, but his dealer. Here are a few titles of bets:

  • The eyes of the snake - the win will be only in one case, if the dice will be the number 2.
  • Ace Sealing - the only way to win is if there is a 3 on the bones.
  • Wagons - the winnings will be only in one case, if there is number 11 on the dice.
  • Big red - the winnings will be only in one case, if the dice have the number 7.

According to the rules of craps, there are still bets that are put on a few throws. Odds bets attract a lot of attention here, as they are the most profitable for the players. And the best thing to do is to combine several types of bets, for a better outcome of the game. You can find many useful tips about how to play craps at the casino on Youtube. In any case, before you start to play craps at the casino, you need to learn the rules in detail. This will give you the opportunity to win money on this game.

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