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There is hardly a wise man who would deny the truth, stating that bare theory not supported by practical skills can not make a person a true professional in any case. This applies to any development, specialty studies in higher education, training athletes and so on.
Perhaps this rule has some exceptions, but playing in the casino is not one of them, of course, if you want to achieve the best possible results.
You can read the mountain of books on blackjack, understand tables of optimal strategies for all varieties of video poker, watch hundreds of championships of Texas Hold 'em, listen to advice of experienced shooters in craps - all this will not be enough to confidently feel in the walls of real or online casinos.
And where there is no self-confidence, there will never be a stable result. Trembling hands, jumping thoughts, fear of... Keep mistaking, or did you all know?

Do all online games require practice?
If you need to practice for professional blackjack, poker or video poker, no one doubts that fans of slot machines may wonder why they need to train on video slots. Indeed, games like slot machines do not require human expertise or skills. Does this mean that we can immediately make a deposit and start playing for real money? We would not advise you to do it.
Modern video slots have many incomparable features that make the game incredibly exciting. But they also complicate the process. Some options presented in the new machines are difficult even for experts of, who personally experienced more than one thousand models. What to say about the inexperienced casino customers.
You can, of course, act at random, because success in the game depends by almost one hundred percent on a random number generator. But are you sure that you will not get stuck in a complicated interface and put a spin on every ten or even a hundred more than you intend? It is possible that you do not understand what is happening, not willingly taking part in the game to double payment. Or catch a progressive jackpot, but do not get it because your bet is too low.
In general, we are saying that any game of chance you decided to win at this bet, you must first test in a training mode. Fortunately, such a possibility exist in all casinos.

A few words about playing "for fun" in an online casino
You can practice in almost all the games you can, as mentioned above, in accordance with conventional bets. We say "almost all", because some models run only on real bets. Usually it is multiplayer games or those with progressive jackpots.
Some casinos allow you to play "for fun" without registration, others ask to have an account. Sometimes a casino permits testing the game without registering in my flash version, but it requires to open an account for the client program.
In any case, even if you open an account, it can be done in just a couple of minutes, and play for fun, no one will check your passport details.

What else can be useful for free practice?
Playing for fun in an online casino is great for checking all sorts of betting systems. If you still doubt that no matter what they do not work, you can see this in person. Test for play money any progression, but remember that reliable results can be considered only in hundreds of thousands of hands, and even in this case there is a possibility of a significant error.
In the training mode it can be fun to practice counting cards in blackjack, but do not try to do it for money, because counting cards in the online casino is useless.
In the end, playing in online casinos is a great way to relax for those who like such entertainment.
We hope that we could convince you that training mode in online casinos can be useful to players of all skill levels.

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Date : 2009-11-02

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