La Partage and En Prison rules: similarities and differences

Roulette is one of the most famous (perhaps the most wide-spread) and popular casino games. It has gained high popularity among players from around the world for several decades. However many features of roulette are not the same everywhere.
This article is devoted to La Partage and En Prison rules, which are valid in some versions of Queen's Casino. We are just going to tell you that they are very beneficial to players, so if you have a choice, give preference to roulette, where one of these rules is valid.
Playing roulette in the casino
Brief history
The so-called European Roulette that is the most prevalent in modern casinos offers the single zero wheel. Mathematicians have calculated that the mathematical house advantage over the client is equal to 2.7%. This means that on average you will lose $2.7 out of each bet $100.
When roulette moved from Europe across the Atlantic Ocean, it was introduced to the American players in an extremely unfavorable version. The first casinos in New Orleans, California and Nevada offered roulettes with numbers from 1 to 28, 0 and 00.
It should be noted that customers of that time in the United States were not spoiled, so they made bets with pleasure, although the house advantage reached almost ten percent.
Later, the quantity of numbers in the American roulette has been increased to thirty-eight (0, 00 and from 1 to 36), which still makes it less profitable than the European one.

Additional rules
In Europe, where the competition has forced the casino owners to make concessions, new kinds of game with additional rules have appeared: En Prison and La Partage. They are usually available in a version called French. As for the rest, differences from European Roulette are basically visual (table layout, French inscriptions and so on).
En Prison and La Partage rules come into play when you play with equal chance when a zero comes up. In such cases, people who bet on red/black, low/high numbers or odd/even, receive compensation from the establishment. They do not apply to internal bets as well as column, dozen, sector, neighbor bets and so on.
What are their differences? Let us find out, considering both rules in detail.

La Partage rule
If a ball lands in a zero slot on roulette with this rule, bets with equal chances lose. But the casino does not take them all, but returns half to the clients. It happens automatically and does not require the intervention of the players. Therefore, if you play on a roulette wheel on such bets, the house advantage is reduced by half (1.35%).

En Prison rule
This rule has a slightly different principle and is somewhat more complicated. When the zero falls, the dealer places special markers on all bets placed on equal chances. Thus, he leaves them "in prison" (the translation of en prison) for the next spin. So, it turns out that the player makes the same bet again. But if it wins, the payout is not made, and the client only takes this amount back.
You may find this rule more beneficial than La Partage, but it is not like that. From the point of view of mathematical advantage, they are absolutely similar. En Prison also reduces it to 1.35%.
We should also consider the situations when the zero falls twice in a row. If ball lands in a zero slot again, the bet that is "in prison" can win, lose, or stay in the same position. We recommend that you should contact the administration of the casino for clarification of this nuance.

En Prison and La Partage in system of bets
Actually, it does not matter whether you will play with equal chances making bets randomly or follow any progress (for example, Martingale system). The maximum theoretical percentage that you can get is the same 1.35%. So you should find a version of game with one of these rules, but whether you want to play on the strategy or not - it is up to you to decide. None of them will help you to win casino playing roulette.

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Date : 2014-09-04

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