Novomatic was founded in 1980. Nowadays it is one of the world's leading manufacturers of various products for the gambling industry. It became famous thanks to slot machines, which were very popular in the brick and mortar casinos. 

novomatic jackpots

The company successfully started manufacturing software for Internet portals with the development of online gambling. Its current gambling games are available on many famous sites, including establishments that are popular among readers of Casinoz.

Progressive Jackpots of Novomatic

The range of Novomatic also includes progressive jackpots. It should be noted that we are not talking about a single cumulative amount that is formed of the bets made in different games. Jackpots of Novomatic are drawn directly in the particular models.

Therefore, they do not reach the huge sizes, but on the other hand, it is much easier to win them. Besides, many of them are divided into several levels with different sizes.

four seasons novomatic jackpots

Another feature of jackpots in the games released by Novomatic is their dependence on the bet size. You can fight for them regardless of the number of wagered credits. However having increased or decreased the bet size, you will see in the windows in which the jackpot amounts are displayed the sum for which you can compete.

The rules for progressive jackpots of Novomatic also differ considerably in various models. The most popular developments from specialists with a brief description of their features are discussed below. Read more about the rules and characteristics in the reviews following the links.

Games with Jackpots Manufactured by Novomatic

The vast majority of these models are the classic slot machines and multi-function types of video slots. Let's start from them:

Ultra Sevens slot`

Ultra Sevens At the time of writing, this game was one of the recent novelties, so it will be the first model to discuss. There are three different sizes of jackpots. The games who fills the entire screen with sevens (all pictures form lines) will be the owner of the largest one. The second and third jackpots are drawn according to the same principle but for combinations of other symbols.

Frogs Fairy Tale slot

Frogs Fairy Tale This video slot inspired by the tales of the Frog Princess has a progressive jackpot that is drawn in the bonus round called Lily Pad. To do this, you need to collect five special symbols. Other prizes include free spins, payouts and various bonus options.

Golden Sevens slot

Golden Sevens The progressive jackpot is considered to be won if the entire screen will be occupied by golden sevens. Their number should be at least fifteen. The minimum number of credits that is necessary to start accumulating the amount is ten thousand total bets per round.

King's Jester slot

King's Jester It is possible to win the full amount of the jackpot or its half. The user who collects a chain made up of five Wild x2 symbol will become the owner of the entire jackpot. If you get a combination of five Wild symbols, you get fifty percent of the accumulated amount.

Amazing Stars

Amazing Stars It is a popular video slot with two jackpots whose amounts increase independently of each other. The first one is provided for the combination of five sevens, and the person who fills all the positions on the screen with stars will be the owner of the second one.

Garden of Riches

Garden of Riches It is a quite simple model without original gameplay features. The jackpot seems to its basic feature. It is drawn during free spins. The customer who closes all fifteen areas with the image of the female protagonist will become its owner.

Jackpot Crown

Jackpot Crown It is a quite old-fashioned model in which it is necessary to collect a line made up of five images with the crown in order to win the jackpot.

Rumble in the Jungle slot

Rumble in the Jungle It is a funny slot machine with amusing characters and many kinds of features. One of them is a progressive jackpot that is drawn during free spins. To get it, a line made up of five bananas should be formed. In addition, it is possible to win in a bonus round called Monkey.

Power Joker slot

Power Joker

It is an interesting model with an unusual design. Its main feature is two separate screens with different game modes, multipliers and other nuances. However the progressive jackpot is drawn in the simplest possible way, despite the unique model: any customer can win it in a randomly chosen spin. The user receives its full amount if he or she has made the highest possible bet. The jackpot size decreases proportionally to the reduction of bet size.

Jolly Fruits slot

Jolly Fruits

This game provides two progressive jackpots. One is them is drawn using wild symbols. It is necessary to form a line of five such pictures. The player who collects five scatter symbols wins the second one. The maximum amount is provided for the customer who has made the highest possible bet.

Wizard of Odds slot

Wizard of Odds

This game has several bonus features. One of them provides the opportunity to fight for the jackpot. You will help the wizard to cook a magic potion. To win the progressive jackpot, it is necessary to boil a potion till the cauldron explodes.


As you can see, progressive jackpots of Novomatic really differ from each other in the rules. This makes the process of chasing them really fascinating. Moreover, all these models can please users with the opportunity to fight for large sums making a bet of any size.

To sum up, we want to add that we have offered not all flash games with progressive jackpots released by Novomatic. In fact, there are a lot of these models. We have chosen the most popular and interesting of them. We have decided not to discuss the old-fashioned models.

If you believe that any slot is unfairly deprived of attention, please tell us about it in the comments. Share with us your joy if you have succeeded in becoming the owner of a jackpot.

P.S. Information about interesting new games with progressive jackpots released by Novomatic will be added to this article after their appearance at online casinos. It is possible that we will also add data about released models that are not discussed in this article. So, stay tuned!

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