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I can not imagine life without gambling. I loved it in the days of the Soviet youth, when we knew about the casinos only from foreign films. We played various games with cards, coins, bills, bones. Growing up, we became casino regulars.

In general, when the country's first casinos appeared, I was ready for them and was not one of those numerous suckers that left at the tables all their grandmother gave the,. My period of gambling was already in the past, and I went to the casinos to make money, rather than for fun.

In the nineties, the strategies did not make sense. It was much easier to negotiate with a couple-three croupiers who stupidly "merge" your chips when the manager away from your desk. There were no CCTV in those casinos, therefore, no problems too.

Later, when the casino owners started to worry about safety, we had to work carefully. By that time I gained practical experience in popular games and even read several translations of foreign books.

First, we decided to work on the blackjack, but quickly realized that counting cards in our reality does not work. Anyone competently playing blackjack, automatically attracted attention. Pit bosses constantly stand above your soul, the dealer starts to blindly "burn" cards and so on. In general, as you know, at home we do not play blackjack.

It was much easier to make an oasis poker and even roulette. I do not know who looks at the camera in a casino. Surely these people know the intricacies of the game even worse than the Cubs-dealer who dealt wrong several times in one go.

These overpayments became our bread for a long time. sometimes we did not even pointed dealers to mistakes made not in our favor. The main thing was that he continued to consider himself a professional and just blithely foal card further.

The roulette was easier. Especially when playing with ten men, and the entire table piled high with chips. You could not know all the subtleties (yet suddenly find yourself on opposite sides), but prepared for staff obscenities. And not only you - in metropolitan casinos, the situation was almost the same.

Even if for a few months we could not really make the casino, regular drawings helped us to correct the situation. We were regular customers and always had a bunch of tickets, so that none of them did not pass in vain for us. You know how many cars we have won in the past five years, and in fact almost all of those that do not can to us, we also got a share.

Now it is in the past and in its present form will unlikely return, and therefore I am telling it. Legal casinos are not near there, all this underground and riding to distant lands does not make sense.

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