UPD: In the past few years, many internet casinos added French roulette to their lobbies. Some clubs offer several games from different manufacturers at once. Accordingly, the assertion that it is not widespread in online gambling is somewhat outdated.

French roulette is profitable for the players and is very popular in casinos, but not all online and land-based casinos offer it to their customers. Below, we will explain why gambling operators do not favor this type of roulette.

What Is French Roulette?

French roulette is very similar to the European version. It has one zero, numbers from one to thirty-six, and the same payout for all bet types.

It features two significant features:

  1. the unique table layout with terms in French,
  2. the La Partage rule.

We remind new readers of Casinoz that the La Partage rule means that players get back half of outside bets lost when the ball lands in the zero.

French Roulette in casino

Due to this rule, this popular game has the lowest house edge among the three most common versions. Let's compare them:

  1. In American roulette, it is 5.26%,
  2. In European roulette, it is 2.7%,
  3. In French roulette, it is 2.7% for inside bets and 1.35% for outside bets.

Some online casino operators think this advantage is insufficient for them and do not want to offer their customers this game. Thus, you see numerous European and American roulette types on their websites, but the French one is still rare. Of course, it is not great news for all game fans.

Casinoz offers a few interesting online roulette games.

Name Soft Return to player
98.6% Play T&C applies, 18+
97.3% T&C applies, 18+
97.3% Play T&C applies, 18+
97.3% T&C applies, 18+
97.3% Play T&C applies, 18+
97.3% Play T&C applies, 18+
97.3% Play T&C applies, 18+
97% Play T&C applies, 18+
Play T&C applies, 18+

French Roulette Compared to Other Casino Games

Many readers may object by saying that online casinos have many games where the casino advantage is even lower if there's any—for example, some varieties of video poker or blackjack. There are many variations of video poker with a 99% payback. So, what is the problem with French roulette?

The answer is simple. It is the very essence of these games. Roulette does not require a player's skills. Casino visitors at all levels will have the same chance of winning.

They can make bets on red/black, odd/even, or high/low number in the French roulette and get about 98.65% return. In the long run, casinos can get no more than 1.35% of the players' money.

In blackjack and video poker, it is not like that. You must play without mistakes, following the optimal strategy to get the minimal house edge. This requires complex training, concentration, and the ability to keep yourself.

Needless to say, quite a few players can achieve that. The skill level of the rest of the casino visitors is much lower, which leads to an increasing house edge.

According to some online casinos, the average actual payback in video poker is about 97%, although the theoretical house edge does not exceed 1%.

As for blackjack, we can assume that the situation for players is not better.

For this reason, casinos, without fear, offer various types of blackjack and video poker that require a high level of training from players, but not French roulette.

Where to Play French Roulette for Money

And still, not all casinos refuse French roulette. Below is a list of websites offering French roulette games from famous providers.

Casino Jurisdictions Editors rating
Play T&C applies, 18+
Play T&C applies, 18+
Play T&C applies, 18+
Play T&C applies, 18+
Play T&C applies, 18+

Tips for Roulette Fans

To conclude the article, we'll provide practical recommendations for all roulette enthusiasts. These tips will help avoid foolish mistakes. They apply not only to the French variant of the game but are helpful for all casino clients.

  • Choose games and bets with minimal casino edge. In classic variants, this means outside bets in French roulette.
  • Don't hope to increase the theoretical return to player (RTP) using betting systems or similar strategies. They may help organize gameplay but do not affect the casino's mathematical advantage.
  • Plan your game. Set time and financial limits for yourself. Never exceed these boundaries.
  • Keep an eye on innovations in online gambling. Sometimes, software developers introduce new versions of roulette with favorable rules, additional features, and excellent interfaces.
  • Study the technical characteristics of new game variants before betting real money. Often, behind an attractive facade, unacceptable conditions may lurk.
  • Read articles about roulette on Casinoz. Our experts examine popular strategies, offer advice, dissect rule nuances, and debunk myths.
  • Never forget about the danger of developing a gambling addiction. No one is immune to such problems. Novices, experienced players, casino staff, and even gambling experts can become its victims.

Be prudent and cautious!

Frequently asked Questions

🔥 What is French roulette?

French roulette is one of the three major types of game. It resembles European roulette but has a unique layout and the La Partage rule. 

💲 Is French roulette good for players?

It is one of the best roulettes for casino customers. Thanks to the La Partage rule, the house edge in outside bets is twice lower than in European roulette.

🍀 Do online casinos offer French roulette?

Yes, they do, but not all gambling websites have French roulette. On Casinoz, you can choose the best internet casinos with French roulette, bonuses, promotions, and other excellent offers.

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