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Some land-based casinos, as well as many Internet portals running on software released by various well-known brands, offer customers the miniature version of the most popular gambling game in the world. It is called mini roulette. We will discuss the basic rules for mini roulette below, consider the gameplay step by step and pay attention to other important nuances.

General Description of Mini Roulette

Mini roulette is a variation of European roulette with one zero. The classic basic rules are valid in it.

The player aims to guess what number the ball will fall into and make an appropriate bet to receive the payout.

The main distinguishing feature of this game is a small wheel, which has only thirteen sectors numbered from 0 to 12. They are arranged in a particular order: 0, 5, 12, 3, 10, 1, 8, 9, 2, 7, 6, 11, and 4 (sometimes a sequence of numbers differs).

These numbers are repeated on the table layout, arranged 4x3 (three columns). Users can place bets on numbered sectors.

Mini roulette allows making different types of bets. They can be combined in any order. The primary condition is not to exceed the maximum table limits.

Inside bets (with multipliers):

  • On a single number - 11:1
  • On two numbers - 5:1
  • On three numbers - 3:1
  • On four numbers - 2:1

Outside bets:

  • On half-dozen (six numbers) - 1:1
  • On column (four numbers) - 2:1
  • On color (red or black) - 1:1
  • On odd or even - 1:1

Call bets on sectors are not available in this roulette.

Most mini roulettes have a rule borrowed from the French roulette. We are discussing the opportunity to return half of the bet if a zero arises.

Mini Roulette Gameplay

In general, the gameplay in mini roulette does not differ from that of classic European roulette. Customers wager by selecting numbers and combining positions at their discretion.

The dealer spins the ball that determines the winning number by falling into the corresponding pocket.

Then the dealer removes the losing chips from the layout and makes payouts for the winning bet according to the above multipliers.


The majority of mini roulette types operate on the same principles. The differences are related to the interface settings and other insignificant nuances.

In rare cases, the game is offered with returning half a bet when a zero comes up.

Internet users on different sites state that there are mini roulettes with progressive jackpots, bonus payouts, and other features. We are not ready to refute or confirm these statements.


While choosing mini roulette, it is necessary to clarify whether a half bet is returned or not if a zero comes up. If it is available, the house edge is 3.85%. If such a rule is not provided, it increases to 7.69%.

As you can see, it is still much higher than the standard of 2.7% embedded in the traditional European roulette (not to mention the French version). It is up to you to decide which version to prefer. We recommend that you should read this article about mini roulette.

You will be able to find mini roulette at online casinos running on software released by Net Entertainment, Playtech, and some other famous brands. The reviews can be found if you follow the links.

We will be glad to know your opinion concerning this topic. Feel free to write it in the comments, ask questions and share your experience if you have played this game.

Frequently asked Questions

🔥 What is mini roulette?

Mini roulette is a shortened type of roulette having only 13 numbers, from 0 to 13.

👌 Are there mini roulettes in casinos?

Land-based casinos usually do not offer mini roulettes, but this game is available on some gambling websites.

🍀 Can I play free mini roulettes?

In reviews on Casinos, there are demos of mini roulettes by some famous software providers for the gambling industry.

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