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It would be too naive to believe that you will always win in a casino. Even reaching the highest peaks of skill or mastering unique techniques you sometimes have to deal with such unpleasant situation as a loss. Hopefully, you will be able to avoid too large losses, but excluding such a possibility in any case is impossible. Moreover, be ready for a whole series of defeats and treat them as a normal aspect of gambling of the level you want to work on constantly.

Must learn to keep a sober mind and composure in the face of such attacks of fortune and never lose dignity. This is especially important if you are playing in a real casino, in front of other employees and visitors. No matter how hard you lose money, others must feel that you are doing it with ease. This will make them respect you and save you from sarcastic smiles.

Any casino, even the most honest and generous

makes a profit, so every game has ongoing laid percentage of its benefits. Of course, with the development of loyalty programs, jackpot, and the introduction of various drawings games with jokers mistakes can happen, successfully used by the most experienced players, but such cases are rare. So get ready for anything.

Many famous players with years of experience talk about the long series of failures, during which they changed tables, and even a casino game, but could not succeed. It's inevitable, if not to resort to fraud. What to do after a loss?

This has already been mentioned a lot, but still: in any case, do not try, by all means, instantly recoup by raising bets. If you stick to a strategy (and we hope that you do), then continue to follow it. Rather than trying to change the situation, it is better to take a break and analyze the situation. It will not be easy right away. You may allow some blunder, but in the heat of passion you are unable to recognize it. Relax and reflect why you lost. It became a consequence of bad luck, excessive passion or perhaps you just cheated. It will be easier to understand when you are calm.

You must understand that if you can not learn from the mistakes of others, you need to avoid repeating your own. Every defeat should teach you something. Perhaps the loss of any amount will be the invaluable lesson that you would never have learned if winning. It is well known that many players who are insanely lucky at the start of their career, are too much accustomed to the idea ofthe impossibility of losing and then play to the last penny, not knowing what was happening. If the game in the casino started with defeats, analyze what is happening, master the nuances of rules, study the strategy, which allows to climb to a new level of excellence.

Consequently, we can recommend to do so. After the "black bar", stop the game, move away from the stress of losing, and start to analyze the situation. If there is a weak spot in your strategy, it must be eliminated. If the loss is only the result of bad luck, and you did nit commit unjustified actions during the game, do not worry, relax and continue. Always play like always winning is impossible.

After a big loss

or long bad strip do not forget to adjust your beta with the remaining amount of money. Maybe it's time to lower bets. Entering the game without an adequate supply of money means increasing your chances of losing. The size of your bankroll should always match your chosen strategy. In the end, if necessary, revise the system itself.. It is possible that you made some mistakes.

Never forget about self-esteem

. In real casinos, do not be rude to the staff, do not accuse them of fraud. Even if you see it, better stop the game and do not visit this casino. Achieving justice in this case is only possible with a very good reputation. Otherwise, you will be simply withdrawn and ENTERED the "black list".

Losing in the online casino, do not rush immediately say at all forums that you were cheated

. It is especially pointless to overwhelm with such accusations technical support and administration. Contact them only in the case of site failures, errors in calculation or if you have questions.

To sweeten the bitterness of defeat, remember Terrence Watanabe, who lost about one hundred twenty-five million dollars in blackjack.

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