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We have discussed American blackjack quite often in different articles and reviews published at Casinoz before. We have described its versions, nuances of the rules, gave recommendations by the game and discussed all possible models released by the leading producers. Today we would like to introduce another online version of American blackjack to our readers. It is «American Blackjack» game which was released by Random Logic company.

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Where to Play American Blackjack?

Play Free Demo American Blackjack without registration

You can find «American Blackjack» in 888 Casino which allows playing blackjack both by real money and train in a fun mode. Anyway you would have to open an account, because gambling games are unavailable without registration even for testing by the virtual bets in this online casino.

Online casino with American Blackjack

How to Play American Blackjack (Dragonfish)

«American Blackjack» is a free American online blackjack with six standard decks of fifty two cards with no jokers. All cards are shuffled before each deal.
For example, in 888 Casino you can play on one-five boxes. It is allowed to stake from one to three hundred dollars per each of them. The betting range can be different in other casinos.
The aim of the game in «American Blackjack» is to win the dealer whatever it costs. It can be done if you get a higher score (never exceeding twenty one) or on the overtake on croupier’s hand. It is also possible to get a payoff by insurance of blackjack.
The main points of rules typical for the most popular kinds of American blackjack are carefully explained in the special article published at Casinoz. Here we would shortly discussed the rules of «American Blackjack» game:
  • First the croupier deals two cards to himself and reveals one of them.
  • The dealer checks for blackjack if an open card is an ace or a ten. The player doesn't take cards if the croupier has blackjack.
  • Double can be made on any two first cards (if there is no blackjack, of course).
  • Double is also allowed on boxes formed in result of split.
  • Split can be done only on two cards of same value (different cards of ten-point value can’t be split).
  • Each of split aces is dealt with one card.
  • Split can be done only once on each box.
  • An ace and a card of ten point value on the box made in result of split work like twenty one, but not as blackjack.
  • It is possible to place an insurance in case of an open ace in dealer’s hand in «American Blackjack».
  • If the player has blackjack and the dealer has an open ace, the croupier offers «even money». If the client agrees, he gets 1:1 payoff by blackjack.
  • There is no surrender in this version of blackjack.
Payoff indexes are classic in «American Blackjack»: the standard box is paid 1:1, blackjack - 3:2, insurance - 2:1, even money - 1:1.
The theoretical payback index of «American Blackjack» developed by Random Logic is 99,52% (according to the official information provided by the producer).

American Blackjack Bonus games

Any bonus payouts are not provided by the rules of «American Blackjack».


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «American Blackjack» by Random Logic.

American Blackjack Interface

Although the interface of this online blackjack is available only in English, everybody can easily understand functions of all its elements. Just in case, we would like to explain functions of different buttons at the control panel. They get active only in specific gaming situations, so don't you looks for all of them there.
  • Rebet – repeat the bet of the previous deal.
  • Rebet x2 – double up the bet of the previous round.
  • Clear – remove all bets from the field.
  • Deal – deal the cards on boxes.
  • Hit – take a card on box.
  • Stand – take no more cards on box.
  • Double – double up the bet.
  • Split – split cards on box.
  • Even Money – take even money.
  • Insurance – place the insurance.
To set up an amount of the bet, you can use chips of the following value: 1, 5, 25 and 100 dollars. If you activate a turbo mode, cards are dealt faster. You can also switch off the background music if you want. Those who understand English can use the informational section with detailed description of the rules of «American Blackjack» presented at the website of 888 Casino.

Should You Play American Blackjack for Real Money?

We can’t say that «American Blackjack» developed by Random Logic have rules of some special type of American blackjack (please read more about it in the special article). More likely that it is kind of common version of this game which is quite profitable for the customers, because casino advantage can be reduced to a half of percent here. Please read how to make it in the strategies at Casinoz.
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