In this review we want to tell our readers about a great online blackjack developed by Random Logic and called Blackjack Premium. Its title completely corresponds to its quality, so all fans of beautiful card games should test it personally.


Play Blackjack Premium

Blackjack Premium is a European online blackjack, which is played with standard decks with no jokers. Cards are shuffled before each deal, so it is useless to count.
The aim of Blackjack Premium is to beat the dealer by gaining a higher score without exceeding twenty-one. Users can also win if the dealer goes bust.
Common rules for blackjack are discussed in the special article of the section Rules on the portal Casinoz. Here we are going to discuss basic terms and conditions of Blackjack Premium:
  • The croupier initially deals only one card, placing it face up.
  • The dealer hits on a 16 and stands on any 17.
  • It is allowed to double on hard 9, 10, and 11.
  • It is allowed to double after a split.
  • It is allowed to split cards of the same value (including ten-value cards of different ranks)
  • It is allowed to split till the formation of four hands on one box.
  • Aces may be split only once.
  • An ace and any ten-value card after a split can not be treated as blackjack.
  • It is forbidden to surrender in Blackjack Premium.
  • It is allowed to take insurance against blackjack, which is offered if the dealer's upcard is an ace.
Blackjack Premium has traditional multipliers: 1:1 for ordinary winning boxes, 3:2 for blackjack, and 2:1 for insurance.
At 888 Casino it is possible to play Blackjack Premium betting on one-five boxes from five to two thousand dollars per each of them.

Blackjack Premium Bonus games

Blackjack Premium does not have bonus payouts.


Progressive jackpots are not provided in Blackjack Premium.

Blackjack Premium Interface

Let's briefly discuss functions of various buttons on the control panel (they appear depending on the situation):
  • Rebet allows repeating the previous bet
  • Rebet x2 is used to double the previous bet
  • Deal allows dealing cards
  • Clear is used to remove bets
  • Hit is used to take another card
  • Stand is used to stop taking cards
  • Split is used to divide cards into two hands
  • Insurance allows taking insurance against blackjack
  • Double is used to double the bet
  • Turbo On/Off allows enabling or disabling turbo mode
The current number of credits is shown in the window called Balance. It is possible to turn off the sound.


Blackjack Premium is a high-quality and beautiful European blackjack that allows lowering the house edge to a minimum. It has everything that a true fan of this game may need, so we strongly recommend that all our readers should try to play this kind of blackjack.
We would like to warn you that Blackjack Premium has no tips, so even if you make an obvious mistake, the application will not warn you about this. So, be careful!

Where to play Blackjack Premium for free or real money?

You can try to play Blackjack Premium for fun or directly for real bets at 888 Casino. Users may open an account at this online casino right now. They have to do it, since gambling games without registration are not available.

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