Beer Fest
Beer Fest Review

Microgaming offers true fans of beer an arcade gambling game called Beer Fest, which consists of three separate mini-games. You have to find out who will drink or dance more and to try your luck in the unique analogue of scratch cards. In short, have fun and win!

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Play Beer Fest

Beer Fest is a free online gambling game that includes three independent rounds: Beers All Round, Munchies and Table Dancing.
Let's discuss them one by one:

  • Beers All Round - you need to select the character who will drink more out of two opponents.
  • Munchies - you need to find the same dish that is present on the waiter's tray.
  • Table Dancing - you need to select one out of four tables on which Fritz will dance and hope that it will not be ruined due to his weight.

Multipliers in each round are determined randomly. They are displayed in a special table under the main screen and can reach x5,000.
You may start a completely new game after trying your luck at all stages.

Beer Fest Bonus games

There are no bonus payouts in Beer Fest.


Progressive jackpots are not provided in Beer Fest.

Beer Fest Interface

Let's deal with the basic buttons and windows, which can be seen in Beer Fest (some of them do not appear in all games):

  • Stake allows selecting the bet size
  • New Card is used to start a new game
  • Click to Reveal Prize allows scratching off a covering and seeing your payout
  • Win shows the total winning
  • Click to Reveal is used to reveal a new dish
  • Back to Menu allows returning to the main menu

Users can turn off the sound in settings. The game also has a Help section with the detailed description of all the nuances of the rules.


Well, the major advantage of Beer Fest is funny characters dressed in traditional German costumes. They truly love beer, can drink several liters of it and are willing to tirelessly dance on the tables.

Where to play Beer Fest for free or real money?

Beer Fest is available at Crazy Vegas Casino. Customers of some other online casinos using products from Microgaming can play it. They usually provide an opportunity to test their games for fun. Users may play Beer Fest in training mode without registration directly on the site Casinoz.

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