Casino Hold’em Review

The most famous and popular kind of poker in the world, which Texas hold’em poker is, is already available for the customers of online casinos. Such versions are provided with simple rules, no bidding at different stages, while the main difference is that the customer is playing against the dealer.

One of such model is «Casino Hold’em» developed by Net Entertainment company. It is really plain, but interesting in the same time. Please fins a couple of minutes for our review and you learn playing it.

9.29 /10
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Where to Play Casino Hold’em?

Play Free Demo Casino Hold’em without registration

«Casino Hold’em» game can be found in different online casinos powered by Net Entertainment software. One of them is Unibet Casino Red. The beginners would be happy to know that this casino allows playing Texas hold’em without registration by the virtual bets. Of course, it is also possible to play «Casino Hold’em» by real money in Unibet Casino Red.

Online casino with Casino Hold’em

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How to Play Casino Hold’em (NetEnt)

«Casino Hold’em» is a free online hold’em poker with side bets, where the player’s opponent is a croupier, but not the table partners.
For example, the main bet can vary from one to one hundred euro in Unibet Casino Red, while the side bet varies from one to fifty euro here.
The aim of the game is to win the dealer making a higher combination than he has of two poker and five community cards.
«Casino Hold’em» is played with the standard deck of fifty two cards with no jokers. The combinations are classic. The minimal dealer’s game is a pair of fours.
According to the information provided by Net Entertainment, the payback of «Casino Hold’em» can reach 97,84% (casino advantage is a bit over two percent).
The gambler places the main bet necessarily and the side bet - on his discretion. After it the dealer deals by two private cards to himself and to the player and also lays three community cards in the center of the table. The player doesn't see the croupier’s hand.
Then the client has to take one of two decisions:
  • Continue the game and place confirmation in amount of two ante.
  • Fold and lose ante. In this case side bet also loses.

If he decides to continue playing, the dealer deals two more community cards. Then he opens his cards and checks the game (a pair of fours). In case of no combination, the customer receives a payoff by ante only according to the table:

  • Straight or lower – 1:1;
  • Flush – 2:1;
  • Full House – 3:1;
  • Four of a Kind – 10:1;
  • Straight Flush – 20:1;
  • Royal Flush – 100:1.
If the dealer has the game, he compares the combinations. The winning box of the player pays out ante (according to the index table) and bet (1:1). If the box loses, both bets go to the casino.

Casino Hold’em Bonus games

It is possible to place a side bet in «Casino Hold’em». It is situated at the Bonus field. The bet wins when first five cards (two private and three community) contain a combination from a pair of aces and higher (that’s why it is also called AA bet).
Payoffs by the side bet are following:
  • A combination from a pair of aces to straight – 7:1;
  • A combination from flush to royal flush – 25:1.
Wins are paid out only when the customer places a confirmation.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Casino Hold’em» game.

Casino Hold’em Interface

The main part of the screen of «Casino Hold’em» game is taken by the realistic image of the card table with the special markup. There you can see three betting fields (Ante, Call and Bonus), the payment table by ante and bonus bet, as well as a tip which says that the dealer plays by a pair of fourth and higher.
The following buttons appear at the control panel depending on situation:
  • New Bet – stake a new bet.
  • Rebet – repeat the bet.
  • Deal – deal the cards.
  • Call – continue playing with confirmation.
  • Fold – refuse continue the game.
There is a line where important data and other information by the game is displayed. The user’s settings allow to speed up the deal and switch off the sound. «Casino Hold’em» is also provided with the detailed informational section (in English only).

Should You Play Casino Hold’em for Real Money?

«Casino Hold’em» is the very plain version of hold’em poker. If you are unsatisfied with no bidding at every stage, you can test «TXS Hold’em Professional Series» game, which was also developed by Net Entertainment company.
Please read recommendations by the strategy of «Casino Hold’em» in the special publication of our website.
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