Caribbean Stud Poker Review

One of the most wide-spread versions of poker where the customer plays against the casino, is Caribbean poker. During few decades it remains extremely popular in offline casinos of different countries. Online gambling portals neither leave it without attention, while the software developers release new models regularly. The following review by Casinoz is dedicated to one of them. It is «Caribbean Stud» with jackpot by Felt Gaming company, which releases high quality games with a convenient interface, realistic graphics and interesting rules.

9.71 /10
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Where to Play Caribbean Stud Poker?

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You can find this game at the website of Unibet Casino, where it is available both by the real and virtual bets. This model is also available in other online casinos powered by Felt Gaming software.
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Online casino with Caribbean Stud Poker

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker (Felt Gaming)

Caribbean stud poker described in the article has classic rules for this game. A standard deck of fifty two cards with no jokers is used here. The virtual dealer shuffles all cards before each deal.
The aim of the game to win the casino making a stronger combination than the croupier does. Herewith, it is also possible to get a payoff by the other ways: in case the dealer has no draw or by the side bet (please read about it in the special paragraph below).
The main bet is Ante. Its amount can vary from one to five hundred credits. It is allowed to play on one box only. To confirm the draw, you need to place Bet equal to Ante.
«Caribbean Stud» pays by standard poker combinations from highest card to royal flush. The order of wins and payoff indexes by combinations are discussed below.
The rules don't provide an opportunity to exchange or purchase sixth card. So, the customer can only decide what to do with made combination.
Understanding all features of the gameplay is easier discussing it step by step.
In the beginning of the game the player has to place all bets. Ante is necessary, while the side bet is on your wish. Then the gambler receives five cards which he can see. The dealer also deals five cards to himself, but he reveals only one of them.
Then the player decides who to act weighting the power of his cards. There are two options:
  • Fold and lose Ante.
  • Keep playing and place a bet equal to two ante.
In the first case the game is over. In the second situation the dealer opens his cards and checks for a minimal combination. It is an ace or a king of any suit. If the croupier has no draw, customer’s ante is paid 1:1 and bet is returned. However if the dealer has a combination, he compares it with the player’s cards.
  • When the croupier’s cards are stronger, the gambler loses both bets.
  • When combinations of the opponents are equal - tie game is announced and bets are returned.
  • If the player’s hand is stronger, Ante is paid 1:1 and Bet brings a win, which is calculated by the special index.
Each of the possible combinations is provided with a multiplier:
  • A pair – 1:1.
  • Two pairs – 2:1. 
  • Three of a Kind – 3:1.
  • Straight – 4:1.
  • Flush – 5:1.
  • Full House – 10:1.
  • Four of a Kind – 25:1.
  • Straight Flush – 100:1.
  • Royal Flush – 250:1.
We would like to remind you once again that these indexes are multiplied by Bet to calculate a payout.

Caribbean Stud Poker Bonus games

Now about the side bet, which is available for the customer here. It’s amount is always one credit. It is paid when combinations over Three of a Kind are made in the player’s cards. Payoffs are following:
  • Three of a Kind – 5 coins;
  • Straight – 10 coins;
  • Flush – 25 coins;
  • Full House – 100 coins;
  • Four of a Kind – 250 coins;
  • Straight Flush – 2500 coins;
  • Royal Flush – jackpot.
These wins are charged independently of result of the draw by Ante and Bet. Please be aware that bonus bet goes to the casino anyway. It is not returned even if you win a payoff.


The progressive jackpot of «Caribbean Stud» is collected due to the side bets which form it. As you could understood, you need to stake one credit on the special field and make Royal Flush to win it.

Caribbean Stud Poker Interface

Now a couple of words about functions of different elements of the control panel of «Caribbean Stud» game:
  • Ante – the field for Ante.
  • Bet – the field for Bet.
  • New Game – start a new game.
  • Rebet – repeat the bets.
  • Rebet 2x – double up the previous bets.
  • Paytable – pay tables
  • Deal – deal the cards.
  • Undo – cancel last action.
The double arrow at the top opens the informational section with rules, pay table, settings and detailed manual provided with screenshots.
The user’s settings allow to switch off the sound and set up size of the screen.
It is not necessary to download «Caribbean Stud». You can play in a browser at the website of an online casino.

Should You Play Caribbean Stud Poker for Real Money?

«Caribbean Stud» is a high quality version of online poker where you can fight for the jackpot and extra wins by the side bet. The excellent functionality, the amazing design, the user-friendly interface - are the advantages of «Caribbean Stud» online poker.
We would like to pay your attention that payoffs by some combinations are higher than in most of other versions of caribbean stud poker. So, this model is more profitable. 
Experts recommendations by stud poker can be found in the special article at Casinoz.
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