Texas hold'em has been considered to be the most popular poker game in the world for several decades. It is really in demand, so that manufacturers of software for online casinos have developed a number of versions of this game in which the virtual dealer serves as an opponent of customers. There is no betting session, and the user who has seen the flop and pocket cards just needs to decide whether to raise or to fold.

Playtech has gone further by creating an arcade game of chance called Hold'em Showdown. Fans of poker have known that the term "showdown" is the final phase in which cards of opponents are shown in order to compare their hands. Having familiarized with the rules of Hold'em Showdown, you will understand why this game has such a title.


Play Hold’em Showdown

Hold'em Showdown is an arcade card game created on the basis of Texas hold'em.This game is played according to the basic rules of hold'em that are related to the order of dealing cards, formation of hands, their comparison, and so on. A standard 52-card deck is used in it.
The aim of the game is to predict a hand on one of the four boxes that will beat the dealer or lose.
The most convenient way to understand the nuances of the rules for Hold'em Showdown is the use of step-by-step description of the gameplay. It includes several basic phases.
  • The player selects the bet size. It can vary from ten cents to one hundred dollars at Tropez Casino.
  • Then the croupier deals two cards to himself and on four boxes.
  • The player selects any of the four hands and clicks on Win either near the customer or dealer, betting on the victory of one of them.
  • After that, the cards from other boxes are removed, and flop, turn and river appear on the table (five community cards).
  • Then the dealer's and player's hands are compared.
  • If the client predicts the winner, the payout is made.
  • The won amount can be collected or left in the pot (its full size or its half).
If you do not like cards game in four hands, you can shuffle them up to three times. The dealer's hand will remain unchanged.
The multipliers are not fixed. They are indicated near the box and reflect the probability of victory/loss with the current combination of cards. The lower is this probability, the higher is the multiplier.

Hold’em Showdown Bonus games

Hold'em Showdown does not offer bonus payouts.


Progressive jackpots are not provided in Hold'em Showdown.

Hold’em Showdown Interface

At first glance, the interface of Hold'em Showdown may seem to be complicated and even confusing. However it is not difficult to understand it.
The bet on the player or the dealer is made by clicking on the button Win located next to either the word Player or Dealer on each box. Users can leave the whole payout or its half in the pot by clicking on the appropriate button in the lower left corner. There is also a turbo bet there, which makes the gameplay automatic.
Information and advices for the current round appear in the windows at the top of the screen. Hold'em Showdown has basic settings.


Hold'em Showdown belongs to the category of games that requires informed decisions. You have to understand the rules for Texas hold'em and have an idea of the probability of formation of different combinations.
The game is not as simple as it may initially seem, because even a pair of aces not always brings victory. If opponents with low-ranking hands fold in the classic Texas hold'em, the dealer always plays till the end here. As a result, hands that may seem to be unlikely are formed frequently. So do not rush in making quick decisions and keep in mind that you can wager on the victory of the dealer.
Nevertheless, Hold'em Showdown is a very exciting game that will be interesting to fans of the original versions of poker.

Where to play Hold’em Showdown for free or real money?

You can download Hold'em Showdown at online casinos running on software developed by Playtech. The logos of the best of them are located just under this review. There are links to the reviews of establishments from the portal Casinoz.

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