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Caribbean stud poker is popular in online casinos. This game is not very dynamic, so users often prefer a relaxing game that allows them to talk, drink and watch the show without interrupting the process. If we talk about the main challenges that Caribbean poker fans face, they choose between a fold and playing with weak hands.

Caribbean Stud Rules

The game process consists of several stages.

  1. First, the player makes a bet, known as the ante.
  2. Then the dealer gives him and himself five cards. The dealer places one of his cards open.
  3. The player must make the decision: fold or make the play bet equal to two antes. In most casinos, it is preceded by paid card exchanges.
  4. If a player makes the play bet, the dealer reveals his cards and compares the poker combinations in his and the player's hands.

Below, we will try to give Casinoz readers tips on when to fold or play.

Folding Vs. Playing in Caribbean Stud

In some situations, this decision does not cause difficulties. For example, if a player has a good poker hand, he must bet regardless of the dealer's card. In this case, a good hand in Caribbean poker means all combinations of two pairs and higher. It is also evident that with cards without a hand, you should fold or exchange (depending on the rules and the game situation). If you keep these cards, the dealer wins with any soft hands or even an ace-king.

The problem arises when a player has a small hand he can quickly lose with, but he does not want to fold.

A pair appears in about 40% of games. This is the most common poker combination in Caribbean stud. If a player has it, he can continue the game regardless of the dealer's cards.

This tactic will pay off in the long run, even if you often lose without folding a weak pair. The reason is that the situation when the dealer does not have a hand happens more often than a pair, so you may get the ante.

Some land-based casinos allow players to share information about their cards. Usually, it happens in small local casinos, although sometimes large clubs permit exchanging information too. In this case, you should consider the dealer's upper card and check cards of the same value on your hands and your neighbors'. If the dealer opens a queen and the player does not have a queen, there is a high probability of a pair in the dealer's hand.

It is even more difficult to decide if a player has an ace-king. In such situations, it is better to play if the dealer has a king or ace because it greatly increases the chances that he has the same hand.

You should also mind the casino rules. If the ace-king of the dealer is equal to the third-highest card, you need to pay attention to it and confirm having a queen or at least a jack. If the player's ace-king and the dealer favor the player, you can use this hand for any third-highest card (of course, if the dealer has a King or Ace).

Simple Caribbean Stud Strategy

Let's turn this strategy into a few quick tips to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Bet on any pair.
  • Fold if you have no combinations.
  • If the dealer has a king or ace, check if you have an ace/king or queen with a jack.
  • If you have an ace/king and a card of the same dignity as the dealer's open card, keep playing.

Remember that the hand of an ace/king, despite the apparent weakness, is a good weapon if wisely used. Constantly folding these cards increases the house edge percentage, reducing your chances of winning.

Frequently asked Questions

🃏 What is Caribbean stud?

Caribbean stud is a poker variant popular in many countries. Online casinos offer the game too. 

👌 Are Caribbean stud rules difficult?

No, they are not. If you are familiar with poker basics, you will learn Caribbean stud rules in a couple of minutes.

🧐 Is Caribbean stud poker good for players?

The house edge in Caribbean stud is much higher than in blackjack or video poker, but generally, the game is not bad for customers.

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