Tequila Poker Review

Poker and blackjack appear to be so different games that only cards can unite them. However there is a poker game that resembles blackjack in the need to count points. It is called Tequila Poker. Its online version can be found at casinos operating on the platform manufactured by Playtech.

This is a game with simple rules that can be mastered in a minute, but it is not so easy to develop a basic strategy for it.

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Where to Play Tequila Poker?

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Users can download Tequila Poker at Tropez Casino and some other large online casinos running on software developed by Playtech. The logos of many such establishments with links to reviews from Casinoz are available below.
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Online casino with Tequila Poker

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How to Play Tequila Poker (Playtech)

Tequila Poker is a gambling card game with elements of poker and blackjack. A standard 52-card deck with no jokers is used in this game. The cards are laid out on the table face up.
The aim of the game is to receive payouts betting on a poker hand or the formation of the required number of points. The dealer in Tequila Poker does not take part in the game, so there is no comparison of combinations. Bets can be made only on one box.
The rules for Tequila Poker can be easier mastered discussing them step by step according to the gameplay. It consists of the following stages:
  • The player makes an ante.
  • The croupier deals four cards face up.
  • The player evaluates them and makes a decision to fold or to keep playing. In the second case, he or she should make an additional bet of the same size on the formation of a standard poker hand staring from a pair of aces (Tequila Poker) or on gaining forty-six points in five highest-ranking cards (High Tequila).
  • If the client keeps playing, the croupier deals two cards.
Then the payouts for winning hands are made.
Let's discuss the bets that are available in Tequila Poker and payouts for them.
The initial bet is called ante. Its size can be from one to three hundred dollars at Tropez Casino, while in other establishments its ranges may vary. It is paid according to the 1:1 ratio if the side bet wins. If this bet loses, you lose your ante.
Tequila Poker is a bet on the formation of any standard poker hand starting from a pair of aces. Its size is always equal to the ante. It wins if any combination from the five highest-ranking cards is formed at the table. In this case, the sixth card is not included.
The hands are paid according to the following multipliers:
  • Pair of aces - 1:1
  • Two pairs - 2:1
  • Three of a kind - 3:1
  • Straight - 5:1
  • Flush - 7:1
  • Full house - 8:1
  • Four of a kind - 15:1
  • Straight flush - 50:1
  • Royal flush - 200:1

The hand can appear in the first four cards.
High Tequila is a bet on the score that exceeds forty-six in the five highest-ranking cards available on the table. The ranks of cards are similar to those that are in blackjack: from two to ten - according to their values, face cards - ten and aces - always eleven points. High Tequila is also equal to the ante.
Payouts are made according to the following ratios:

  • 46-48 - 1:1
  • 49 - 2:1
  • 50 - 3:1
  • 51 - 4:1
  • 52 - 7:1
  • 53 - 15:1
  • 54 - 200:1
As you can see, the value of a royal flush in Tequila Poker is equal to four aces with any ten-value card.

Tequila Poker Bonus games

There are no bonus games in Tequila Poker.


There are no progressive jackpots in Tequila Poker.

Tequila Poker Interface

The gameplay is intuitively understandable, so we will not explain it. If you still have any questions, you can open the section Menu - Help to follow the link and enter the section with detailed rules.

Should You Play Tequila Poker for Real Money?

Tequila Poker is a very interesting game that is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. At the moment we can not offer you the optimal strategy for Tequila Poker, but we will try to develop it soon.
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