Tree Card Poker – Elite Edition Review

This review is devoted to one of the games from the company BetOnSoft that is included in the category Elite Edition. We are talking about the model called Three Card Poker - Elite Edition. As you know, it is a three-card poker with excellent design, which simply can't help pleasing fans of gambling. Test it yourself. But first we recommend that you should read this article in which all the nuances of the gameplay and design are explained.

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Where to Play Tree Card Poker – Elite Edition?

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Three Card Poker - Elite Edition can be tested at Big Dollar. But keep in mind that the casino does not allow playing without registration even in demo mode. So users will have to open accounts in any case, even if they are not going to stake real money.
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How to Play Tree Card Poker – Elite Edition (Sausify)

This kind of three-card poker has the classic rules. One 52-card deck without jokers is used in this game.
The main goal is to collect a higher hand than the dealer. There are no exchanges, purchases and other manipulations that are available in some other variants of poker games. The customer can only make bets before dealing and decide whether to call or not.
Gamblers can play only on one box. The basic bet may have the value from ten to one thousand credits. Read about the bonus bet below.
The following hands (arranged in the ascending value order) are paid in Three Card Poker - Elite Edition: the highest card, pair, flush, straight, three of a kind, straight flush.
We don't know about the theoretical payout percentage of specifically this model.
The gameplay is simple enough. The user makes ante, receiving three face-up cards. The croupier also deals himself three cards, but they are faced down.
The client estimates the rank of his hand and makes one of two possible decisions:
  • Play allows continuing the game making the bet called Play that is equal to the ante.
  • Pass allows refusing the participation, losing the bet.
If the player calls, the showdown occurs. Then the following variants are available:
  • If the dealer does not have even the low-ranking hand (one queen and higher), the player's ante is paid 1:1, and the bet Play is just returned.
  • If the dealer has the lowest hand, he compares it to the client's hand. If the dealer's combination is higher, the user loses both bets. Bets are returned in case of a draw. If the client wins, his ante and play are paid 1:1.
Read about the bonus payouts below.

Tree Card Poker – Elite Edition Bonus games

Firstly, we are going to tell our readers about bonus payouts for the ante. They are credited in cases when the player's hand has one of the following combinations (odds are indicated)
  • Straight - 1:1
  • Three of a kind - 4:1
  • Straight flush - 5:1
In addition, Three Card Poker allows making an additional bet called Pair Plus. It is made independently from the main one and can even be placed separately. It gives a payout in the presence of the following hands (also with odds):
  • Pair - 1:1
  • Flush - 4:1
  • Straight - 6:1
  • Three of a kind - 30:1
  • Straight flush - 40:1
Payouts are made even if the basic bet loses.


Three Card Poker has no progressive jackpot.

Tree Card Poker – Elite Edition Interface

Let's briefly explain the meaning of inscriptions on the control panel. It should be noted that some of them appear only in situations where they may be used:
  • Rebet allows repeating the bet
  • Deal allows dealing cards
  • Play allows continuing game
  • Fold is used to fold cards
  • Clear allows removing all chips
Round betting fields are marked on the table layout with the names: Ante, Play and Pair Plus.
Bets can be made using chips of the following values: 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000. You need to click on a chip and place it on the required box.
There is a table with the range of bets near the dealer. If you click it, the pop-up window with brief rules and odds appears.
There is also an additional panel with functional buttons Cashier, Lobby, Menu, Options, and Help at the bottom of the screen.
It is possible either to download Three Card Poker - Elite Edition or open it directly in the browser.

Should You Play Tree Card Poker – Elite Edition for Real Money?

Hardly anyone would argue against the fact that it is one of the best versions of this game, designed for online gambling. It has the classic rules with traditional odds, but its main advantage is a stunning interface with amazing graphics and user-friendly control panel. In short, it is an excellent model that should be tested.
Advices concerning three-card poker can be found in the special article that has been prepared by the experts of the portal Casinoz.
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