WMS Gaming company has presented an incredibly interesting video slot named «Cool Jewels». It is provided with a very unusual interface, an original system of charging the payoffs, numerous interesting solutions and a plenty of other advantages, which are worth testing free online slot machine.

At the first sight it can seem that the rules of this game are quite complicated, but it is a deceptive impression. As soon as you start testing this game you would study everything out quickly. Our article, which was prepared by the reviewers of casino.me, would help you to understand all the particularities. 

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Play Cool Jewels

Cool Jewels slot machine has six reels. The symbols are also located in six rows at the screen. Consequently, it can fit thirty six elements in the same time.

This game has numerous special symbols except of the standard images. It is also provided with various prize functions, including extra multiplied of payoffs, prize spins and etc. All of them are carefully described in the following article.

It is possible to play this slot machine by fifty divisible bet. It can vary in range from fifty cents to two hundred euro.

There are no active lines in this model. The paid combinations are formed of four and more similar symbols (now we are talking about the standard elements). They have to form a continuous chain jointing each other vertically or horizontally. Later the symbols which form winning combinations are burst, while new drop out at their places. This process continues until new combinations appear at the screen (up to thirty updates in the same round).

Well, now about the system of calculation the payoffs. It is interesting that Cool Jewels slot machine doesn't have any indexes, which could be used for calculation the winning by the combinations. Instead of them you can see the special scale with points at right from the screen (which reminds a thermometer). There are from six to fifteen points in each of the scales. When a combination is formed, the symbols included into it fill the scale - one point for each of the symbols.

While the level is situated in the first part, an amount of the payoff for each of the symbols in the combination is 1/50 of the total bet. As soon as the level rises up to the second scale, an amount of the payoff increases to 2/50 of the bet. The the top scale, where there are no points, an amount of the winning is calculated by multiplying each of the elements of the combination by the total bet staked per spin.

In case of several winning combinations in the same round, payoffs by them are calculated in the following order: first from down to up and then from left to right. The gambling feature is not provided by the rules, that’s why the total payoff is immediately transferred to the player’s account by the end of the round.

Please read about the symbols which act by other rules in the following paragraph.

According to the official information provided by the producer, the theoretical cash back index of Cool Jewels slot machine is 96,1%.

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The basic gaming symbols, which you can see at the screen of Cool Jewels slot machine, are images of gems of different forms and colors. They act by the general rules making combinations and bursting after it.

The part of the special symbols is played by the following elements: Shocking Wild (a green star), Unstable Wild (an eight pointed rose star), Shattering Wild (a yellow star), Persisting Wild (an eight pointer yellow star), Premium 10x (a diamond), Bonus (a logo of Cool Jewels), Green Watermark (a half-transparent Wild capture), Pink Watermark (a half-transparent image of a bomb with a wick) and Blue Watermark (a half-transparent 10x capture).

We would like to talk more about its functions:

  • Shocking Wild appears at all the reels from the second to the fifth. It replaces other standard symbols. When it is activated in a combination, it bursts the icons at the diagonal lines.
  • Unstable Wild drops out only at the four central reels. It can take places of other basic elements in the combinations. In such cases it bursts destroying all symbols around it.
  • Shattering Wild can be found at the second, the third, the fourth and the fifth reels. It is able to replace the missed standard symbols in the combinations. Then it bursts the symbols situated at the horizontal line and the reel where it dropped.
  • 10x - makes difference to the rest symbols by increased payoffs by combinations. They are taken in account after the rest combinations.
  • Bonus triggers the round of free spins. Four and more bonus symbols bursted in result of another spin give a right for participation in at least eight free spins. An amount of the bet remains the same here. However, it is staked by the casino instead of the customer. An alternative set of reels is in force during this round. Free spins can be prolonged. Please read more about it in the rules of the game.

Other symbols appear at the screen in result of interaction with Wild symbols, which were mentioned above. It happens when they drop out next to each other at the reels.

  • Persisting Wild also can replace other basic symbols in the combinations. It appears when two similar Shocking Wilds, Unstable Wilds or Shattering Wilds are situated next to each other. New Wild would stay at the screen until it goes down to the bottom line. It also loses its force in case no new combinations are formed and a new spin is getting started.
  • Pink Watermark appears when Unstable Wild and Shattering Wild drop out next to each other. These symbols fill all positions covered by Unstable Wild. In the following update the symbols which drop out at these cells (except of active Wilds) would be bursted.
  • Blue Watermark can be seen after Shattering Wild and Shocking Wild drop out next to each other. These symbols would be situated at the positions activated by Shattering Wild. In the following update the combinations formed in these cells would be paid out by x10 multiplier.
  • Green Watermark drops out when Unstable Wild and Shocking Wild appear next to each other at the reels. They would fill all the cells activated by Shocking Wild. In the following update all the symbols which you can see here would turn into Wilds which replace other elements.

Please read more about all the particularities of the special symbols and functions which they trigger in the informational section.

Cool Jewels Bonus games

All the prize functions available in Cool Jewels slot machine were already discussed in the previous paragraph.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in Cool Jewels video slot.

Cool Jewels Interface

Well, here we would like to explain the functions of the main elements of the control panel of Cool Jewels slot machine, which was available only in English language at the moment of testing. Some elements appear only when the mouse is hovered on a button. The following tips would be useful for the beginners:

  • Spin - start a new gaming round.
  • Stop - stop the reels.
  • Bet Multiplier - select an amount of the bet per spin.
  • Total Bet - an amount of the total bet per round.
  • Paytable - open the payment table.
  • Click to Start Autoplay - start an automatic game.
  • Win - an amount of the winning in a spin.
  • Balance - a state of the customer’s account.
  • Options - open the user’s settings.
  • ? - look through the informational section.
  • Pay per Symbol - the scale of the current payoffs.
  • Free Games - a quantity of available free spins.

There is a line which displays the detailed calculation of payoffs by combinations above the main screen. The tips by the game, including the schemes of forming the combinations and functions of the special symbols are situated at the left.

If you click at Total Bet window, Quickset panel would be opened where it is possible to choose the bet of fixed size.

The payment table contains lots of useful information by all points of the rules. You can find even more important data in the informational section.

This model is available in a flash mode and can bleached right at the website of an online casino.


Definitely, Cool Jewels is a gambling game for the lovers of unusual entertainments. It can almost nothing in common with the standard video slots not talking about classic slot machines. If you are not lazy to study out numerous points of the rules of this model, it would be certainly likely to you. Actually, you can just play and find out how these or those symbols are acting and what prize spins bring during and etc. the game. Anyway, the only mistake you can make is amount of the bet. All the rest is happening automatically here.

The advantages of Cool Jewels video slot are its convenient interface, quite a high cash back index, the spectacular design, the amazing animation and availability of all necessary settings. Moreover, it is not necessary to download Cool Jewels slot machine, because it can be launched right at the website.

Where to play Cool Jewels for free or real money?

You can look for Cool Jewels model in the online casinos powered by the software developed by WMS Gaming company. The reviewers of casinoz.me were testing this slot machine in Unibet  Casino without registration.

Your opinion about Cool Jewels slot machine is very important for us. Please write your responses about this video slot in comments to the review. Your rates to this game are also welcomed.

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