European Roulette Machine Review

Many fans of gambling who have attended land-based casinos or slot halls are probably familiar with the so-called pneumatic roulette. It is a device with the conventional roulette wheel (usually covered with glass or plastic hemisphere) in which the ball is spun not by the dealer, but by the special mechanism. The bets must be placed on the special screens that are located around the wheel.

This kind of roulette has been popular among the customers who do not trust random number generators or employees of casinos. SkillOnNet offers a virtual simulator of pneumatic roulette whose interface accurately simulates it, but the game is based on the RNG.

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Where to Play European Roulette Machine?

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You will find European Roulette Machine at various online casinos operating on the platform from SkillOnNet. All of them allow you to play either for money or "for fun." This roulette is available in free mode without registration directly on the website Casinoz.
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Online casino with European Roulette Machine

How to Play European Roulette Machine (SkillOnNet)

European Roulette Machine is an online version of European roulette with the standard rules, designed as the pneumatic device. The aim of the game remains the same. You need to predict the winning number or sector. The gameplay has not been changed. You should choose the desired coin value and place a bet on the layout.
The range of bets is determined by administrations of casinos. There are three tables for European Roulette Machine at EUCasino: standard (1-300), for high rollers (5-500) and VIP (10-1,500). The total bet per spin is mentioned in brackets. The minimum chip value is twenty-five cents.
European Roulette Machine offers just basic types of bets: inside bets on one, two, three, four and six numbers and outside bets on columns, dozens, color and so on. The multipliers are traditional. Users can not play wagering on neighbors or sectors, because there is no racetrack.

European Roulette Machine Interface

Gamers can download European Roulette Machine with an interface in different languages at EUCasino and some other online casinos. This will help you avoid confusion with the buttons and rules if English is not your native language. The winning number is zoomed on the second screen in the upper right corner and is also written. There is a display with the recent outcomes next to it.
Options are almost absent in European Roulette Machine.

Should You Play European Roulette Machine for Real Money?

European Roulette Machine can be recommended to those who used to enjoy playing pneumatic roulette, but now this opportunity is not provided and they miss this game. We have not found any advantages of this game compared to the other versions of the virtual roulette. Moreover, its interface can not be called the most user-friendly and this periodically causes difficulties while placing bets and in some other aspects of the gameplay.
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